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Why aren’t you playing: Guacamelee!

By Vaughn Pearson, Games Columnist • February 28, 2014

Smash like avocado. (Press image)

This spicy wrestling game isn’t for mild salsa people
Is there anything cooler than a luchadore? No, there isn’t, and anyone who says otherwise doesn’t …

Why aren’t you playing: Starbound

By Vaughn Pearson, Games Columnist • January 10, 2014


Adventures with the Building Blocks of Space
At a cursory glance, the game industry is stagnating. With the big name developers pumping out game after …

Why aren’t you playing: Antichamber

By Vaughn Pearson, Games Columnist • November 22, 2013


Fourth dimension mind games
I’ve rewritten this review a dozen times, now. I can’t find words for my experience with Antichamber–not because it was stupendous …

Taking advantage of those golden hours

By Mohamed Rask, Sports Contributor • November 22, 2013


Everyone exercises with a goal in mind, be it dropping a few pounds or bulking up.  However, people often forget one of the most …

That three-letter word: Fixating on fetishes

By Joelline Girouard, Copy Editor • October 11, 2013

Fetishes and fixations are objects or situations that a person finds extremely arousing. Ranging from feet and shoes to leather and latex, fetishes of …

That three-letter word: What can sex do for you?

By Joelline Girouard, Copy Editor • September 27, 2013

(photo Bryn Karcha)

It’s generally understood that people like sex (if you don’t, that’s cool, too). Far from just being awesome in and of itself, getting busy …

Noshing frosh

By Caitie McIntosh, Arts Contributor • September 13, 2013

Local Food by Leandra Villermet – 02

Caitie McIntosh gives you the tools to beat the notorious freshman 15
The inevitable changes in first year are scary enough without the idea of …

Alumni Spotlight: Judi Rice

By Alix Dostal, Online Contributor • March 11, 2013


Alumni Spotlight is a series of interviews conducted with members of the Dalhousie Alumni Association.
Judi Rice
Nickname: “Jude” or “Ricey”
Class of ‘75
Bachelor of Health and …

Market Round Up: February 18-22, 2013

By Alyssa Zeisler, Business Columnist • February 26, 2013

Market Round Up: February 18-22, 2013

Market comments: On Feb. 19, the S&P hit a new five-year high. On Feb. 20, it began to fall. After a two-day sell off, …

Our grapes, our soil

By Jessica Emin, Wine Columnist • February 21, 2013

In Luckett Vineyard, you can use this phone booth to call any loved one for free. (Jessica Emin photo)

Embracing the bounty of Nova Scotia wines