An Open Letter to Dalhousie Students

March 18, 2015

Dear Dalhousie Students (and fellow Halifax community members), One of the referendum questions you face this year asks you to support the levy provisionally approved last year for South House Sexual and Gender Resource Centre. You may be familiar with… Continue Reading

Jonathan Williams’ speech for Dalhousie Student Union council

February 27, 2015

The following letter was emailed to the Gazette by Jonathan Williams, executive director of student advocacy group Students Nova Scotia, on Feb. 27, 2015. Williams appeared at a meeting of Dalhousie Student Union council that day in hopes of giving… Continue Reading

Intolerable sexism at the CBC

February 27, 2015

When running the story about the advertisement on national primetime Dalhousie Dentistry Facebook posts, the CBC wrote ‘Dalhousie University in Halifax has launched an investigation into disturbing, sexually explicit Facebook posts attributed to male students in the faculty of dentistry’…. Continue Reading

DSU Supporting Segregation

February 27, 2015

The pilot project introducing private swims for women at Dalplex raises concern. According to published reports, these swims have been implemented for “cultural” and “religious” reasons. It has been reported that the DSU supports this measure, and has contributed funding… Continue Reading

Letter: Restorative justice is not a solution

December 19, 2014

Opening my Toronto Metro newspaper on the subway yesterday morning, I was delighted to see an article on my alma mater Dalhousie nestled among its neat green pages. That delight lasted to the end of the headline. Once again, a… Continue Reading

Letter: Statement on the misogynistic events at the Dalhousie School of Dentistry

December 17, 2014

We, the Board and Staff of the South House Sexual and Gender Resource Centre, would like to express our outrage and disgust over the misogynistic “Gentlemen’s Club” and subsequent sexual harassment, hate speech, and violence that it has inflicted. We… Continue Reading

Dal should consider divestment vote’s impact on alumni

November 28, 2014

As a Dalhousie alumni, I am very proud of my school. I feel like the atmosphere and culture allows students to cut their teeth across many different interests and activities. The decision of the Dalhousie Board of Governors to reject… Continue Reading

Letter to the Editor

November 21, 2014

Dear Editor: Gazette opinion writer Shannon Slade clearly took a tongue-in-cheek approach in her Nov. 7 piece when she disparaged Dalhousie’s “vapid, sidewalk-hogging monsters” for having the audacity to stop in the middle of a sidewalk and have a conversation… Continue Reading

Another fall, another round of meeting the neighbours

September 19, 2014

It’s another fall, and that means a new group of students living off campus in our neighbourhood, the streets bounding Dalhousie University, where many single family homes still exist, containing … families. There has been already the usual partying, loud… Continue Reading

A September 2, 2014 lesson on why one does not leave sensitive material lying about in the recycle box of a public xerox machine

September 19, 2014

Dear Ms./Sir, I was collecting some copies on September 2, 2014 in the South Commons when my eyes caught a handwritten note staring up at me: “You are probably wondering why you have a message from me and I understand… Continue Reading

Letter to the Editor: Dal’s old buildings in need of updates

April 02, 2014

Dear Editor, I’m writing this letter concerning the sustainability of Dalhousie’s campus and what it means to the future of the university. The 2010 Green Building Policy requires that any new building to be constructed on Dalhousie’s campus over 10,000² feet… Continue Reading

Letter to the Editor: To all those still using disposable water bottles, please stop

April 02, 2014

Dear Editor, It still baffles me that people, especially students, feel the need to purchase disposable water bottles. Although this has been an issue for years, they continue to be sold on Dalhousie campus and this is something that needs… Continue Reading

Letter to the editor: Jha’s disrespect of DSU constitution discouraging

March 10, 2014

  Dear Editor, Why would DSU president Sagar Jha withdraw from his class? Wasn’t he aware of the DSU’s constitution? And why did the university take a month to inform him of the consequences? Were his colleagues aware of his… Continue Reading