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Science says you should look at cute things

By Zoë Migicovsky, Opinions Contributor • November 26, 2012

Look at this photo. Now go study. (Photo from Tim Lloyd via Flickr)

We’ve all got to admit: it’s pretty hard to look at adorable images of kittens and puppies and not feel better about life. In …

Go with the flow

By CarolAnne Black, Science Columnist • March 16, 2012

mud – CarolAnne Black

Nova Scotia is looking to renewable energy sources. For most of the world, renewable energy means hydroelectric, solar and wind energy. But here in …

Erotic algae

By CarolAnne Black, Science Columnist • February 10, 2012

Swamp Thing, photo supplied.

According to the Public Health Agency of Canada, at the end of 2009 over 66 thousand Canadians were diagnosed with HIV. (That’s roughly 0.2 …

Going deep

By CarolAnne Black, Science Columnist • January 27, 2012

Navy Diver

The hull of your spacecraft is breeched as it drifts through the vacuum. The air around you and inside you rushes into the void. …