Leviathan of Transphobia

November 29, 2015

  What’s your name? Jessica Nop! That’s not your name! Jess Nop! Nop! Not your name I look up to a smile A knife flipping ham Too late we do not serve your kind Ohh by the way are your… Continue Reading


September 25, 2015

    Whenever I brought myself I knew that already you were there with me they would ask your spot I was admitting bitterly the place you were staying like a crime I’ve had   though I always assumed; the… Continue Reading

Felis Australis

September 04, 2015

Walking home on Edwards street, at some twenty minutes past the midnight.   I stop and notice on the gravel, of a kitten, small and black in my sight.   His fur was barely different from the grass of the… Continue Reading

Kalam, A Legend…

September 04, 2015

You were born in a place Blessed with the incarnation of the Almighty To bring back peace among the beings… You were down to earth Neither overwhelmed by the victories, Nor saddened by the failures…. You struggled your own way… Continue Reading

That’s Why You Go to College

November 15, 2014

  That’s Why You Go to College by Nathan Coney The two-hander, a chunk of granite (approx. a foot), scraps my arms as I try to set it in the wall for the Nth time From behind, amongst juvenile guffaws… Continue Reading

Flames are dancing colors in the sky

September 26, 2014

Flames are dancing colors in the sky, Storm is raging like fireworks on the fourth of July. On this silent night, my only desire, The frightening sound of thundering fire. The flames consume the last bite of trust, I lay… Continue Reading

The Story of my Bathroom Mirror

September 26, 2014

Author: Mitchell Brinton   The Story of my Bathroom Mirror My new landlord is very short. She replaced the broken mirror in my bathroom, but she installed it much too low, so I had to ask my uncle for help… Continue Reading

The Baby Sparrow

September 07, 2012

A baby sparrow got caught in the rain She lies on the pavement—the sidewalk The Baby Sparrow It’s humid now, the clouds are feather grey. She opens one wing—it makes a sticky sound Like a baby swallowing saliva. She flutters…. Continue Reading


September 06, 2012

I remember that time, we were lying on the floor and Anthony Bourdain was drinking Japanese whisky on the television. You looked so peaceful, wide-eyed at his debauchery, soft, upturned lips smiling at his barbs about hipsters. Now, I am… Continue Reading

It’s High School Science For Me

March 30, 2012

First you learn all the kingdoms and phylums and classes And orders and families and species and genuses Slowly you’ll learn how and wherefore and why it is High school science for me Oh it’s high school science for me…. Continue Reading


March 30, 2012

I am still afraid of speed (Except that, secretly, I find it kind of fun) It was in our hometown, Last summer double-riding, he stopped so suddenly and it made me laugh I held on tight to his back  … Continue Reading

Something Shameless

March 23, 2012

To write a bad poem and mean It, in love, is something shameless That tells a laughing at, a proverbial Fit, that to reject is not to redress:   That to me is, no less than eating Good food and… Continue Reading


March 23, 2012

St. Sunday becomes the bloom of my eye; we follow on highs and smoky nights, in bars, the sidewalk, the silver rain.   Then again, I help myself to the vanities, the proof– I’ve wasted my time trailing coffee rings… Continue Reading