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Flames are dancing colors in the sky

By Alexandra Florent, Poetry Contributor • September 26, 2014

Flames are dancing colors in the sky

Flames are dancing colors in the sky,
Storm is raging like fireworks on the fourth of July.
On this silent night, my only desire,
The frightening sound …

The Story of my Bathroom Mirror

By Mitchell Brinton, Poetry Contributor • September 26, 2014

The Story of my Bathroom Mirror

Author: Mitchell Brinton
The Story of my Bathroom Mirror

My new landlord
is very
She replaced the broken
mirror in my
but she installed it much
too low, so
had to ask …

The Baby Sparrow

By Hannah Rittner, Poet • September 7, 2012

A baby sparrow got caught in the rain
She lies on the pavement—the sidewalk
The Baby Sparrow
It’s humid now, the clouds are feather grey.
She opens one …


By Nick Laugher, Staff Contributor • September 6, 2012

I remember that time,
we were lying on the floor
and Anthony Bourdain was drinking Japanese whisky
on the television.
You looked so peaceful,
wide-eyed at his debauchery,
soft, upturned …

It’s High School Science For Me

By Andy Post, Poet • March 30, 2012

It’s High School Science For Me

First you learn all the kingdoms and phylums and classes
And orders and families and species and genuses
Slowly you’ll learn how and wherefore and why …


By Andrea Benson, Poet • March 30, 2012


I am still afraid of speed
(Except that, secretly, I find it kind of fun)
It was in our hometown,
Last summer double-riding,
he stopped so suddenly and …

Something Shameless

By Shane Bryson, Writer • March 23, 2012

Something Shameless

To write a bad poem and mean
It, in love, is something shameless
That tells a laughing at, a proverbial
Fit, that to reject is not to …


By Brett Bell, Poet • March 23, 2012


St. Sunday becomes the bloom of my eye;
we follow on highs and smoky nights,
in bars, the sidewalk, the silver rain.
Then again, I help myself …

ours by not beings ours

By Kelly Conway, Poet • March 23, 2012


Ours by not being ours.
Saturday mornings with the guys
he’d tell bed-sheet war stories.
I’d ask something like how’d she taste anyway
and we’d crack all into …

The Lover in the Mirror

By Adrian Lacson, Poet • March 23, 2012

Reflection – Photo by dherrera_96 via flickr

That Lover in the mirror—
If he is my second-half I wonder.
I talk to you and you talk to me;
I wave my hand and you …