The Gazette is a student-run publication that relies on the hard work of its staff and volunteer contributors to exist. Each spring, a hiring committee is formed to democratically select the most skilled applicant for the editorial positions. Assistant editors are hired by their section editor. Contributors can write any time on any subject: feel free to drop us a line or an article.


Jesse Ward, Editor-in-chief

Jesse is a fifth-year student of journalism at Dalhousie and the University of King’s College. He started university with three years of experience writing for Teens Now Talk magazine, where he is now copy editor. Before writing a story Jesse likes to think about how his metal detector could finally be useful in researching this one, but there is never a way it could be. Jesse has had work published by Globalnews.caThe Chronicle Herald and The Watch. He may be followed on Twitter, @RealJesseWard, or from the Gazette office on Mondays around 8 p.m. to his home in West End Halifax.

Daniel Boltinsky, Copy Editor

Eleanor Davidson, News Editor

Eleanor is a foodie who can’t bake and a writer with vaguely questionable spelling. An aspiring journalist since elementary school, Eleanor’s first groundbreaking article involved a reference to a teacher named Bond having a similar temperament to that of the famed spy. A lawsuit was threatened (actually, though) and an early lesson about the manipulative powers of journalism was learned.

Sabina Wex, Assistant News Editor

Sabina is a second-year King’s student who is unsure what to major in; maybe biology, maybe classics, maybe early modern studies. She’ll keep you posted (but unfortunately doesn’t have a blog that tracks this). She flocked to Halifax from Toronto, but who doesn’t nowadays? She is also a staff writer for Quantumrun, an online magazine that explores the future.

John Hillman, Opinions Editor

John Hillman is a second-year law student, but he has been at Dalhousie for much longer than that. Recently discovered cave paintings indicate he was first observed lurching around campus by Halifax’s original human settlers some time during the late Pleistocene epoch. He started writing for the Gazette back when you were in elementary school, but he unexpectedly went off the grid a half-decade ago to concentrate on helping found, a DSU-focused political blog. Where exactly was he hiding between the years 2009-2013? Certain individuals would prefer he not comment. Why has he returned? Not because of a top-secret Illuminati indoctrination project known only as the Omega Initiative, that’s for sure.

Mat Wilush, Arts Editor

Mat Wilush once went to see Agent Orange on the outskirts of Toronto, where the beer was salty and drunken teenagers took turns sitting in a prop electric chair. The music had aged poorly. A mohawk’d middle-ager danced through the first couple songs, but quickly tired out. There just isn’t much room for surf rock in the world anymore.

Graeme Benjamin, Sports Editor

A lover of all things sporty, Graeme entered the world of journalism after realizing his 5’9″, 140lb frame wouldn’t be enough to land him playing alongside Kessel in the show. Instead, he decided to make a career in writing about people doing something with their lives. Aside from working for the Gazette, Graeme is a broadcaster for and Bell Aliant’s Community One, as well as a Resident Assistant in Howe Hall. Entering his fourth year of the journalism program at King’s, Graeme looks forward to providing full coverage of everything sports-related at Dal this year and is prepared to take the sports section to new heights.

Josh Stoodley, Online Editor

Josh Stoodley is in his fifth year at Dalhousie, working towards a Bachelor of Management. He spends most of his time playing board games, thinking about board games, and buying board games. Josh’s proudest accomplishment is that Carly Rae Jepsen once called him ‘so cute.’  If you ask him nicely, he’ll show you how quickly he can list all 28 winners of Survivor, in order.

Jennifer Gosnell, Photo Manager