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My degree may be useless

By Shelby Rutledge • March 28, 2014

It may be exam season, but I'm already looking forward to September. (Photo by Deborah Oomen)

As we’re closing in on this academic year, you’ve probably started to think about next year, and whether you’re returning or not.  As a …

OPINION: DSU’s VP finance and operations should be elected

By Marlon McCombie • January 29, 2014

OPINION: DSU’s VP finance and operations should be elected

Accountability, democracy and student engagement were popular buzzwords when I sat on DSU council three years ago. This week the DSU council will have …

What’s next? 100 Days to “strategic direction”

By Kristie Smith • January 17, 2014


The 100 Days report has come and gone and already Dalhousie president Richard Florizone is back to work. He’s going to be busy in …

Q&A with Dalhousie’s new president

By Ian Froese • January 17, 2014


Richard Florizone has settled into his office. After pleasantries have been exchanged, he asks about the weather. In only a few days it’s gone …

Dalhousie awaits HRM approval for joint arena

By Ian Froese • November 20, 2013


The saga to renovate Dalhousie’s athletic facilities is ongoing, with several factors yet to be determined.
As work toward renovating the aging Dalplex, on top …

Dal prof speaks at Hal-Con

By Sabina Wex • November 14, 2013


Dalhousie English professor Jason Haslam addressed how the zombie is a symbol of the fear of the “other” at The Meaning of Monsters panel …

Dal rowing club strong at nationals

By Benjamin Blum • November 7, 2013

Rowing-Photo Supplied

The Dalhousie Rowing Club competed at the 2013 Canadian University Rowing Championships on Nov. 2 and 3 in Montreal, QC. This is the first …

Men’s volleyball looks to re-assert dominance

By Daniel Bergman • November 1, 2013


Dalhousie men’s volleyball coach Dan Ota refuses to shy away from the high expectations facing his team as it enters the 2013-14 regular season.
“We’re …

Cross-country champions

By Graeme Benjamin • November 1, 2013


It’s what the Dalhousie men’s and women’s cross-country teams have been working for throughout the year. All the early morning practices, the vigorous training …

Dal must stop unsustainable expansion

By Ben Wedge • October 25, 2013


Dear Dr. Florizone,
In my time at Dal, I’ve witnessed tremendous change on our campus. Since 2007, enrollment in many programs has doubled. Entire new …