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Facing cuts to FASS, prof proposes new model

Wayne Hankey wants faculty to have more say in library budgets. (Photo by Kristie Smith)

Under Dalhousie Libraries’ three proposed acquisitions budget models, major cuts to Dalhousie’s Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences (FASS) were suggested prior to any consultation of department heads. Wayne Hankey, chair of Dalhousie’s classics department and a professor for over 40 years, is proposing a fourth solution. The three models laid out by Dal Libraries…

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Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences to lose instructors, courses

The Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences (FASS) announced during a meeting on Mar. 11 that the faculty’s 2014-15 budget will be approximately $18.1 million, with projected costs of $19.1 million—leaving FASS with a $1 million deficit. Robert Summerby-Murray, the dean of FASS, and vice-president academic and provost Carolyn Watters were able to reduce the…

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Gravestones on the quad

Should the DSU be focusing on homegrown advocacy? (Photo by Yi Nuo)

The Studley quad was littered with tombstones on Halloween, each one planted by a student, staff or faculty member concerned about campus operations. “It’s absolutely befitting considering everything going on at Dal,” says Jacqueline Skiptunis, VP academic of the Dalhousie Arts and Social Sciences Society, “the services, the courses, the integrity of the university has…

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Little victory, big problem

With hours at the Killam Memorial Library reinstated after being reduced earlier this semester, students have a right to celebrate. This action is due entirely to student feedback and an effective petition organized by Emma Herrington and the Dalhousie Science Society (DSS). The petition, which garnered over 1,000 signatures in a single day, served as…

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Regular Killam Library hours reinstated

On Tuesday, Oct. 8, the Killam Library reverted previous cuts to its Friday and Saturday hours. The reduced hours, a 6 p.m. closure on two weekend nights instead of at midnight, were installed as a result of a 3.5 per cent cut to the library’s operating budget. Student feedback was cited by university librarian Donna…

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Academic athlete banquet faces possible cancellation

Due to staff shortages and budget cutbacks, the athletics department’s annual Academic All-Canadians Banquet is in danger of cancellation. Though normally held in mid-November, the format, timing and existence of this year’s event is uncertain. Despite a host of challenges, organizers are optimistic the banquet can be saved. “We completely appreciate the value of the…

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Killam cuts hours

Some students do the bulk of their studying at the Killam Memorial Library, relying on its cold, monolithic walls to keep away the temptations of university parties and a warm bed. But as of Sept. 5, it may be harder to study. This semester, the Killam Library has cut its hours. The library now closes…

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Dal deficit to hit students next year

Tuition will go up for all students next year. (Calum Agnew photo)

With an anticipated $17.5 million dollar gap in its 2013-2014 budget, Dalhousie is looking for ways to cut spending. Dal faces a three per cent, or $4.9 million, cut to its government operating grant. The university will also spend $13.7 million dollars more than last year on staffing costs and pension contributions. Most students will…

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Can you put a price on safety?

Mike Burns (centre), director of security, and Dalhousie security officers at Wickwire Field. Photo by Kristie-Lynn Smith.

Tiger Patrol services reduced due to budget cuts, underuse    Tiger Patrol offers Dalhousie students a safe and free journey home. But this year, the services it offers have been reduced due to budget cuts. In the past, Tiger Patrol has consisted of both a walk-home service and shuttle bus service from 6 p.m. to…

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