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Pet costumes ain’t your business

A photo of Charliecat.

Halloween isn’t just about candy anymore.   For a university student, the occasion usually means debates over cultural appropriation, objectifying costumes and different forms of drunken adolescent debauchery.  Most of the general population, and heaven forbid, even the wokest among us have forgotten one of the most important and contentious issues surrounding Halloween: pet costumes.  Let me make…

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Terrifying trends

What sort of weird psychological complex are you instilling in your cat-turned-princess? (Matt McGlynn photo)

I want to take you all on a journey with me. Let’s venture back to early 2000s when The Simple Life was the rage of television and everything was “so hot” because of Paris Hilton. Remember how she had those little Chihuahua puppies that she dressed up? Yeah, that was weird, right? Ladies and gentlemen, this…

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