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The long shadow of sunny ways

A lot of cheerleading came from Liberal party members and the party faithful as the Liberal party held its 2018 national convention in Halifax, from April 19 to 21. The three-day Liberal convention was to let everyone know how great the Liberals are doing at governing the country and to prepare for the 2019 federal…

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Failure to launch

The Liberal government is demonstrating mastery in messaging within modern pop culture. From memes to selfies – there are a lot of examples, but none better than their mimicry of the never-shocking ‘Kickstarter failure.’  It’s a weird thing to emulate perhaps, but it is one of the most consistent things they have done with their big-ticket campaign promises. The level of similarity is…

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The election comes to Halifax

  The candidates for the Halifax riding sparred onstage once again yesterday evening, this time turning their attention to youth and student issues. All five candidates were present to debate: Allan Bezanson of the Marxist-Leninist Party, Irvine Carvery of the Conservative Party, Andy Fillmore of the Liberal Party, Megan Leslie of the NDP and Thomas…

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Dropping the debt

Tuition debt is a problem. Will eradicating interest from student loans help? (photo by Adelevan Wyk)

The provincial campaigning begins to bustle and election platforms rise like skyscrapers on plans and promises. Like everyone else who cares enough about the issues this early to have formulated opinions, I’ve been wandering around these political construction sites and kicking the supports to see how solid they are. A prime example of a controversial…

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Political promises to students

The key political leaders in Nova Scotia (photo by

Nova Scotia Liberals Nova Scotia Liberal leader Stephen McNeil announced on September 10 that students receiving student loans in Nova Scotia to complete post-secondary education should not be charged interest on their government debt. “Nova Scotians that require student loan assistance to pursue higher education are then faced with major financial stress afterwards—a new Liberal…

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