A Fashionable Way to Spend the Evening

The NSCAD Wearable Art Show could be described in one word as “fantastical”

NSCAD’s Wearable Art Show celebrated its 25th anniversary and took place in the Pacifico Night Club on March 5th. As a fundraiser for the AIDS Coalition of Nova Scotia, this student-run event featured 16 different performances, three sculptures and one amazing venue.

The show is an entirely different experience – the kind of thing you’d expect if someone threw Paris Fashion Week, an artsy music video, a ballet and the contemporary section of the National Arts Gallery into the blender. Every piece had its own back story, and couldn’t have been complete without the music, lighting and performance. There was everything from knitwear to a light-up dress to a steel cage to a giant puppet that “[took] a lighthearted look at being big in a small world.” Not to mention the fabulous host, Deva Station.

Not only was it a great show, but it was for a good cause as well. The popularity of the show helps promote and raise money for the AIDS Coalition of Nova Scotia, a fact that was brought up throughout the evening between performances.

Make sure to get there early to grab a spot, though, as the show becomes more and more popular each year.

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Paola Tolentino