Of the more than 4,000 international students at Dalhousie, some feel as though the school has been treating them as a cash grab during the pandemic. (Photo by Geoffrey Howard)

Failing our international students

International students are left frustrated by Dal’s handling of their situation during the pandemic.

Burger Week1_JamesMacLean

Burgers can’t be beat

Haligonians showed up for burgers and local business despite COVID-19 this Burger Week.



Sex addiction

Sex addiction describes a range of compulsive sexual behaviours and thoughts. Like other forms of addiction, these patterns can have significant and damaging consequences for the individual and the people around them. It’s also a very complex and controversial disorder. As a result, sex addicts often lack the same resources and support as those suffering from other forms of addiction.


The pros and cons of online learning

Where has the time gone? It has been more than two months since online classes began at Dalhousie University and this experience has brought many challenges. For Dal students in Halifax, across the country and around the world, distance learning has been a learning curve.

Korean skincare, also known as K-Beauty, is making waves in the Western beauty industry. (Photo by DutchBlytheFashion on Flickr)

Is beauty skin deep?

The growing influence of South Korean culture in Western countries began back in the 1990s as fusion food, K-dramas and K-pop filtered into the global marketplace. It is no surprise South Korea is also at the core of the latest skincare trend to hit Western markets.


Remote swim meets1_Lance Cansdale

Swimming against the tide

It’s been nearly nine months since the Dalhousie University Tigers swimming team wrapped up their 2019-2020 season at the U Sports Championships. They finished just before the COVID-19 pandemic hit. Swimmers felt the pandemic’s effects in the off-season though as pools nationwide closed.

Mooseheads photo essay6_Luke Dyment

Game time in Halifax

A look inside a Halifax Mooseheads game during the COVID-19 pandemic. New restrictions make the viewing experience much different than before.

Ochu1_Edmonton Stingers

From Tigers to Stingers and back

Ochu played against strong competition in U Sports, but the CEBL was another level to experience. He wasn’t able to get much time on the court, but he was able to learn what it takes to play on the professional level.


Max Macaulay is a Halifax-based artist who has had videos of his artwork go viral recently, garnering an impressive 220K followers on his TikTok @slick.skills. (Photo by Geoffrey Howard)

Portrait of an artist as TikTok star

When Max MacAulay looks for subjects to draw, he tries to find people who look interesting and will likely stay still for more than five minutes.   Typically, MacAulay finds these people at the Halifax Public Gardens, the Halifax Waterfront, local bars or on busses. Equipped with a pen and paper, he draws his subjects and…

 Izmir, Turkey was struck by a magnitude 7 earthquake on Oct. 31, 2020. (Photo by Nedim Ardoğa)

Dalhousie Poets: aftershock

This piece was written after the earthquake in Izmir, Turkey on October 30, 2020.

Red is considered the mascot of popular game, Among Us. (Photo by MostafaElTurkey36 on Pixabay)

Red kinda sus

Video games, especially online multiplayer titles, have provided some people with an escape, entertainment, and most importantly, human connection during the pandemic.