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Votes in following the 2023 DSU election

After a week of campaigning and two days of voting, unofficial results from the Dalhousie Student Union election are in.


Accessibility of Dal Outdoors Society questioned

The Dalhousie Outdoors Society was questioned about accessibility accommodations for students with disabilities at a recent Dalhousie Student Union meeting.



Helping those with addictions

It is now legal to carry small amounts of illegal drugs in B.C. I believe Nova Scotia and other Canadian provinces should follow suit.


Being a Gazette contributor

Writing for your fellow students runs the risk of ruining your university anonymity. Still, there’s something rewarding in being heard.


Hailey and Selena have beef

Celebrity gossip isn’t new, Why do we care so much about what the celebrities are doing when there’s so much real news to follow?


as the University of Saskatchewan Huskies host the 2023 FFUN Motorgroup U SPORTS Track and Field National Championships action in Saskatoon, SK, March 10, 2023.

Photo Electric Umbrella/Derek Elvin

Track and field team finds national success

The Dalhousie University Tigers track and field team achieved five different top-10 results at the U SPORTS Track and Field Championships in Saskatoon, Sask. from March 9-11.

Tennis1_Dalhousie Tennis Club

Tennis club heads to nationals as underdogs

The Dalhousie University Tigers tennis club’s women’s and men’s teams are both heading to the Canadian University Tennis Championships this August after winning the Atlantic University Tennis League (AUTL) on March 4.

Swimming_Dalhousie Tigers

Dal swimming team has solid performances in Victoria

The Dalhousie University Tigers swimming teams competed in Victoria, B.C. for the 2023 U SPORTS Swimming Championships from Feb. 23-25 and found success.


DOS film1_Gokce On

Dalhousie Outdoors Society Film Festival ‘22

All the submissions were somewhere between heartwarming and visually stunning, everyone in attendance was asked to vote for their favourites.

DC short story_Morgane

Short Story

Follow two men on the plane as they depart from the D.C. Ronald Reagan National Airport in Morgane Evans’ short story.


A conversation with Danny 

It’s a Saturday morning and you’re listening to the news about the world’s calamities, while your child eats breakfast.