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Adventure to Europe

Josh Young / February 12, 2019
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Dalhousie Cafeteria producing large amount of food waste

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The Dalhousie Student Union’s attendance problem


Weekly news roundup


A Nova Scotia birth certificate.

Nova Scotia’s new gender option for birth certificates

Nova Scotians now have a new gender marker option for birth certificates.  As part of changes to the Vital Statistics Act, the provincial government is introducing the letter “X” as a gender option for all birth certificates in Nova Scotia. This change is in addition to the previous choice of “F” or “M.”   On top of this, the fee that was previously required to change the sex indicator… Read more »

Attendees of the SURGE launch event.

Science project SURGEs into Dal

Tuesday, Jan. 8 saw the launch of Nova Scotia’s newest “innovation sandbox.” Science Unleashed: Research Growing the Economy, better known by its acronym SURGE, aims to be a centre for science for Dalhousie University students.   Aaron Newman is a member of the department of neuroscience and psychology at Dal, and the director of SURGE. They were able to renovate their… Read more »

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Stock image of books.

When’s the last time you finished a book?

Picking up a book is a hard thing to do during the semester. With all your labs, essays, and tests, where’s the time to simply read for fun?  The thing is, there is always time to read. It’s worth it to try and find it. Here are some tips to get you flipping through some pages this… Read more »

A student talks to a student advisor.

Swept Up with Summer Employment?

Sifting through job post listings and internship applications are a burden that students face every year, especially during the early winter months when they are on the search for a summer position.   It can be stressful to read a job description and not know if you’re qualified. The intimate stares at your resumé, wondering you’ve got what employers want… Read more »

A Huawei smartphone.

Through the fog of Huawei propoganda

 The United States is accusing technology company, Huawei, of posing a security threat. Canada arrested Huawei Chief Financial Officer, Meng Wanzhou, on U.S authority Dec. 1, following accusations that a Huawei subsidiary violated a sanction against Iran.    Wanzhou was released on bail of $7 million and has been under surveillance in Vancouver, B.C. as her extradition case continues.   Following her arrest, Canadian citizen Robert Schellenberg now sits on death row for his previous drug trafficking charge in China. His… Read more »


Profile of Andrew Ling.

The mental game

Being a successful athlete is more than just being physically talented. That’s why the Dalhousie Tigers women’s volleyball team has a mental skills coach to help give them an edge.  “There’s lots of parts to being successful,” says Head Coach Rick Scott. “But another side is the mental side, to give yourself the confidence and… Read more »

Dalhousie University's men's volleyball team.

Adventure to Europe

The men’s volleyball team had a “once in a lifetime opportunity,” over the winter break.   That’s what the team’s head coach, Dan Ota said after he took the team on a volleyball trip to Europe over the break.   “I think this is the kind of trip that (the players) are going to talk amongst themselves… Read more »

Sven Stammberger holds a basketball up to the camera.

Student first, then athlete

Earlier this month, Sven Stammberger was selected as a U Sports Top 8 Academic All-Canadian for the 2017-2018 season.  The former captain of the Dalhousie Tigers men’s basketball team, Stammberger is the 14th student-athlete from Dalhousie University to be honoured in this way since 1993. Only McGill University has generated more Top 8 Academic All-Canadians. … Read more »


Cineplex movie theatre.

2019: the year of movies

Looking at the list of box office hits this year, it may be a little hard to tell what year it really is. Have we travelled back to our childhood or are cinemas across North America capitalizing on our need for nostalgia?  People in multiple fandoms are also on the edge of their seat this… Read more »


Food waste served across campus

    Dalhousie University Food Services started tracking the amount of food waste created in meal hall as a part of Canada’s Waste Reduction Week. Risley’s meal hall reminds students to only take the food they need to reduce food waste. These words are above the entrance to the meal hall. Awareness of the amount… Read more »

Headshot of Kyle Fraser in front of a presentation.

Signs from the stars and planets

With files from Dylan Coutts. Astrology, its validity as a belief system and field of study has been debated for millennia. But despite modern science’s rebuttal of it, astrology continues to fascinate, and many still turn toward it for guidance.   As Oxford dictionary defines it, astrology is the study “of the movements and relative positions… Read more »