The Bluenose II entering Halifax harbour as it escorted the HMSC Frederiction back home safely in July of 2020. (Photo by Karly Barker |

Sailing into history

Bluenose II

DSU Staff and Executive office

The problem with DSU elections

The Dalhousie Student Union (DSU) held their general elections for the 2021-2022 academic year from March 8 to 9, 2021. But of the nearly 20,000 students the DSU represents, only seven candidates ran for the six available positions –– only vice-president (student life) was contested with two candidates –– and only 2,165 students voted.   Included in the uncontested…


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Letter from the editor: Here’s to the end

Last words on a tumultuous publishing year.

Despite many critical reviews, books in the Twilight series have sold more than 120 million 
copies worldwide. (Photo by Geoffrey Howard)

In defence of young adult literature

While there’s no rule banning adults from reading it, young adult literature (YA lit) is a unique genre for teenagers — young people growing up and discovering the complexities of the world. The genre has often come under criticism for what some claim is poor writing quality and plot structures.

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Pandemic tattoo boom

Tattoos are something people seem to love or hate. Some see them as a beautiful way to express themselves and provide a unique canvas for art to be displayed. Others do not see the appeal of them at all. Whatever side you’re on, the work and talent involved in tattooing should be greatly appreciated.


Six teams are slated to join the Maritime Women’s Basketball Association: three from New Brunswick, 
three from Nova Scotia. (Photo by Trevor MacMillan)

Courting the big leagues

The Maritime Women’s Basketball Association (MWBA) is set to tip off in April 2022. With national team and professional players expected to join MWBA teams, it could soon become one of Canada’s top women’s basketball leagues. The league has drawn interest from Atlantic University Sport (AUS) and Atlantic Collegiate Athletic Association (ACAA) players too. Potentially eligible players include members of the Dalhousie University Tigers women’s basketball team.

In this image: Dalhousie University's Overwatch team plays Overwatch.

Game over for now

In a regular year for the DeSS, the society attracts roughly 60 to 70 gamers across several games. This year, president Sahib Dhillon said, the number is closer to 25 people over four games. In-person events between local teams are highlights for DeSS players each year, the lack of which due to COVID-19 is affecting current participation.

Cindy Tye said her women’s soccer team may be the most connected it's ever been since all players have 
been in Halifax to train this year. (Photo by Trevor MacMillan)

Playing a new game

Every year, coaches are tasked with finding ways to get the best out of their athletes. Coaching through the COVID-19 pandemic at Dalhousie University has presented several challenges to that mission. Many coaches felt coaching this year was tougher without many games being played. Some Nova Scotia universities, including Dal, began playing some exhibition games in early February 2021. But then new provincial COVID-19 restrictions, announced on Feb. 26, shut down games again.


Witchcraft2_Mandy King

The witches of Dalhousie

Dalhousie University is now home to a witchcraft society, and they are teaching self-care, acceptance and of course witchcraft.

Art by Sara Pelaez on Blush.

Dalhousie poets: identity and location

Canadian winter   The carpet of my one bedroom   Squirms in its pixelated glory.   It is dirty because the vacuum is broken   And I am young.   And the third or fourth best-ranking views in this city   Are from buildings open to the public in the daytime hours.   This is nice to know   But we can’t smoke out here,    Which will…

While COVID-19 vaccines have now been made, it will still be a while before life can return to 
some sense of normal. (Photo by HAKANGerman on Pixabay)

One year of COVID-19

Morgane Evans: The week before  Last March, when my friends and I went to the Risley Gala (the annual end-of-year event for Risley Hall residents), we didn’t know Dalhousie University would stop in-person classes days later. We didn’t know the next time we’d see each other we’d be smiling in relief that Nova Scotia had…