In this image: The outside of Dal's Black Student Access Centre.

Black Student Orientation program launches at Dal

Dalhousie University’s Black Student Advising Centre (BSAC) is launching an orientation program this year to help first-year students transition into university.  The Black Student Orientation program is ongoing, so students will attend three different sessions throughout the academic year. The first one took place on Aug. 29.  Monique Thomas is BSAC’s Community Outreach and Transition to University…

In this image: An easel stating The Grawood is closed.

DSU mum on details of staff restructuring

This summer, the Dalhousie Student Union (DSU) received backlash after its “employment restructuring” lead to firings of full-time staff. The executive are now preparing to deliver on campaign promises for their one year term.  On May 28, the DSU announced a prospective membership with the Canadian Federation of Students (CFS). A few weeks later, they…


In this image: A girl pulls a dark marble carry-on luggage.

Why everyone should go on exchange

I had always dreamed of going on exchange. As a child of immigrants, I was used to moving around and it was my way to escape all of this stability.

In this image: Screenshot of numerous Instagram profiles with a solid blue profile picture.

Dear Instagram activists

It’s been proven that social media campaigns can be used to effectively generate real life social change. In 2019, the New York Times studied what impact the #MeToo social media campaign had on actual tangible events. They discovered that such a large scale movement did, in fact, generate action. The United States’ National Sexual Assault Hotline saw a…

In this image: Someone holding a "Reduce tuition fees" DSU pin.

Your bill, sir

This spring, Dalhousie University raised its tuition by three per cent for the seventh year in a row. On top of this, there were further hikes to international student fees, adding to an already steep differential fee.   The ones who are being hit the hardest by these changes are new students, particularly incoming international students, who…


In this image: A girl kicks a soccer ball with the audience in the background.

Weekend recap: soccer action

The Dalhousie University Tigers soccer teams kicked off their home season this weekend at Wickwire Field with back to back games.

In this image: Team Canada from Men's World Floorball Championships huddles together.

Moments you may have missed this summer

Dalhousie’s varsity teams were on summer break, but the rest of Halifax was busy hosting the Memorial Cup and the U19 Men’s World Floorball Championships.

In this image: Art Noble and his granddaughter covered in mud in a hole.

A Noble hero

Obstacle races, a sport that has gained considerable popularity in the past few years, are made for a special kind of person. The Mud Hero is no different. Over either six or 10 kilometres, participants must overcome a variety of obstacles, including crossing lagoons, navigating slack lines suspended over a water pit and carrying heavy bags…


In this image: The side of enVie: A Vegan Kitchen.

The best vegan and vegetarian places in Halifax, according to students

Dalhousie students share their thoughts on the best places to get vegetarian and vegan food on campus and around Halifax.

In this image: The front of the University of King's College's Arts and Administration building.

An eventful first day at university

A King’s student shares a story about an unfortunate incident in her residence, overcoming homesickness and making friends all on her first day of school.

In this image: Shawn Sawyer practicing his skating.

Crystal in Halifax: a photo essay

Cirque du Soleil opened their first on-ice show Crystal in Halifax, on Wednesday Aug 28. The show features acrobats and figure skaters.