Dal announces Scott Brison as its next chancellor

On Dec. 3, Dalhousie announced Scott Brison will be stepping in to become the university’s eighth chancellor. He earned a Bachelor of Commerce degree from Dal in 1989.

In this image: A women's washroom where one sink is displaced.

Washroom woes on Sexton campus

Some Sexton buildings lack women’s washrooms, but are things changing?



Letter from the editor: Uncharacteristic optimism

Take a step out of reality. I want these stories to make you laugh, think, and even roll your eyes. If you can, grant yourself some levity.

In this image: A red ornament on a Christmas tree.

Controversial Christmas

Christmas is a taboo subject this time of year. For every person screaming carols there’s another dumping on the holiday. Why is Christmas so controversial?

In this image: A stack of textbooks.

The university structure is flawed

Structure is often a good thing because of the certainty it provides. However, the current education system is made of a damaged structure.


In this image: Dalhousie University's women's volleyball team pose in a "V" shape.

Undefeated Tigers aiming for championship

It’s been almost 36 years since the Dalhousie University Tigers women’s volleyball team won a national medal. Could this season be their year?

In this image: Swimmers dive into the Dalplex pool during an invitational.

Changing tides

For 21 years, the Dalhousie University Tigers men’s swimming team has won every AUS championship. But their time is coming to an end.

In this image: Brent Martindale dribbling a basketball.

The other end of the court

Brent Martindale returned to the Saint Mary’s University Homburg Centre, but this time wearing a Dalhousie uniform and playing basketball for the Tigers.


Shout album cover

Q&A: musician Gabrielle Papillon

Halifax musician Gabrielle Papillon released her seventh album, Shout, in October and took it on tour the following month. She chats with the Gazette about how the record was a “happy accident.”

In this image: yellow crane on South Park Street

Elegy for the yellow crane: a poem

A farewell poem to the yellow crane on South Park Street that toppled during Hurricane Dorian.

Small in the City book cover

Q&A: author and illustrator Sydney Smith

Halifax-based artist Sydney Smith talks to the Gazette about his latest award-winning book, Small in the City, which he both wrote and illustrated.