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Dal’s provost and vice-president academic to take over as interim president

Teri Balser, who’s been at Dalhousie University as the provost and vice-president academic since last fall, will be taking on the leadership role until Deep Saini fills the position in January 2020.

Dr. Deep Saini

Dal Board of Governors appoints new university president

On May 16, Dalhousie’s Board of Governors announced Dr. Deep Saini will succeed Richard Florizone, taking on the role of the university’s 12th president and vice-chancellor.


DSU - Opinion

Hallowed DSU council is hollow

 The Dalhousie Student Union Council is composed of the executive, faculty representatives, community representatives as well as reps for the Dalhousie Board of Governors and Dal senate, and members-at-large.   Council members represent various constituencies of the university. They act as a liaison between the community and council, a way for community members to bring their concerns to the DSU. In council, members are responsible for consulting and advocating for their group’s interests,…

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Should be studying? Start with these tips to maximize time

In this image: A laptop with Netflix playing on a bed.

When ‘self-care’ becomes junk food and Netflix


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Wearing the maple leaf

Jordan Brathwaite looks to pass the ball to Mike Shoveller as he is guarded by Andre Ntivumbura and Nevell Provo.

End of season review

The 2019 Dalhousie winter semester athletic season has come to an end. Here is a brief overview on how the Tigers performed.

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Q/A with Tim Maloney

Tim Maloney had been Dalhousie’s executive director of athletics for five years. He talks about the 2018-2019 year, Dalplex renovations and much more.


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Hurricanes, smog and corruption – do you fear the world is coming to an end?

Is the end of the world near? What happens when fear takes over and you’re afraid of an impending doom? Find out about apocalyptic anxiety. ]]>

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Chronic pain on campus

Chronic pain can be a serious issue for millions of Canadians. Students at Dalhousie aren’t immune to the issues of dealing with chronic pain.

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