Meet Dal’s 92nd Rhodes Scholar

Off to Oxford, Sierra Sparks left a lasting impact on the Dalhousie community.

Discord servers are the new communal space for Dalhousie students. It's the latest way to connect with others during virtual learning. (Photo by Geoffrey Howard)

Finding connection through Discord

Some students at Dalhousie have turned to Discord to better connect with peers amid online learning.



Don’t cancel your 2021 new year’s resolutions

Despite countless opinion pieces written about the difference between vulnerability and weakness, our society continues to link the two ideas together. Humans fear others will take advantage of our fragility or point ridicule at us. We take countless measures to hide embarrassing moments, childish hopes, nightmares and extravagant fantasies from even our closest friends. This is why new year’s resolutions become less and less popular as years go by.

There's been a huge surge in consuming older media during the COVID-19 pandemic. “COVID nostalgia,” a term coined by media studies professor Jack Hamilton, refers to people’s desire to look back to simpler times. (Photo by Geoffrey Howard)

Those were the days

According to a March 2020 study by the website Billboard and Nielson Music, many people are finding comfort during the COVID-19 pandemic by consuming media from simpler times.

The study, which surveyed almost 1,000 people, found 55 per cent of research subjects have been listening to music they “used to listen to, but have not heard in a while,” while 54 per cent said they’ve been rewatching their old favourite television shows during the pandemic.

The term “COVID nostalgia” was coined by media studies professor Jack Hamilton, who’s a media critic for Slate magazine. In an interview with UVA Today, Hamilton said when people feel uncertainty (which we certainly are during this pandemic), it’s natural to “look back to simpler times, whether its 20 years ago or even like six months ago.”


The dangers of digital dragnets

Law enforcement is adopting more tech-savvy ways to operate and catch potential suspects.

“Digital dragnets” are a new type of coordinated system police use for catching criminals. A dragnet is a policing term that refers to any techniques police might use to enclose an area and find a criminal (e.g., conducting traffic stops, doing DNA tests of people in a specific area).


Stammberger retirement4_Anna Stammberger

Finishing what she started

Anna Stammberger (née Pendergast) has coached her final regular season basketball game for the Dalhousie University Tigers women’s basketball team. The 2014-2015 Atlantic University Sport (AUS) Women’s Basketball Coach of the Year announced she would retire following the 2020-2021 season.


Empowering Black and Indigenous coaches

The Nova Scotian Black and Indigenous Coach Mentorship Program was launched in September 2020 by Mark Smith. The program aims to provide a place for young coaches from Black and Indigenous communities to learn about coaching, with an emphasis on providing a well-rounded perspective on it.

Track bros1_Harmon Grimshaw-Surette (Submitted by)

Dynamic duo brings home gold

Hudson Grimshaw-Surette captured four gold medals at the 2020 Atlantic University Sport (AUS) Track and Field Championships in Saint John, N.B. in February of last year. One of those golds, his victory in the 600-metre run, he dubs a “dual gold” as he owes the win partly to his brother and Dalhousie University Tigers track teammate Harmon Grimshaw-Surette.


In Five Years by Rebecca Searle is a great read about friendship, discovering yourself and following your heart. (Art by Jorge Magarido on Blush)

Discovering the truth of our hearts

Editor’s note: This article contains many spoilers for the 2020 novel In Five Years.  In Five Years by Rebecca Searle is a novel about confronting the reality of your life and finding the bravery to change it amidst grief, hope and loss.  The plot  In Five Years follows the story of Dannie, a high-achieving lawyer in New York…


Dalhousie Poets: another year

New Year, New Me  It’s that time of year again  Time to start fresh  But the slate is never truly clean  A new resolution does not mean you’re a new person  The actions you take to achieve greatness do  Greatness is never born  It is built  Be greater than the person you left behind last year  Become more…

Photo provided by Tavmjong Bah

Your 2021 horoscope

Editor’s note: This is a satirical article. Read ahead to find out what your future holds in the upcoming year. The stars have determined it. Here lies your fate.   Aries (March 21 – April 19)   Let your competitive and passionate nature help you to bribe, steal and cheat some fun out of life (and your close…