The call of the North Atlantic right whale

A model of a North Atlantic right whale in a museum.

An experiment is underway in the Gulf of St. Lawrence.  The experiment involves boats, planes, autonomous underwater vehicles and sonobuoys (buoys which can detect underwater sounds). It covers 1,500 square kilometres and is being run by groups from Dalhousie University, the Canadian Armed Forces and more.  Their goal is to find a method of surveying and tracking North Atlantic…

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Halifax’s unprecedented rental crisis

In this image: Someone about to turn the page on the Nova Scotia Residential Tenancies Act

A rental crisis has led to the lowest vacancy rate Halifax has experienced in decades. The issue has resulted in increased rent prices, precarious living and an absence of affordable housing in the city.  After three years of record-breaking population growth in the city, Halifax’s vacancy rate for apartment rentals hit an all-time low this year…

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One strike, you’re out

Rising greenhouse gas emissions are still having disastrous impacts on the planet. That’s why a group of people have come up with an innovative new way to fight climate change.   Earth Strike is a grassroots organization founded in November 2018. Its goal is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by planning protests leading up to a global…

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Nova Scotia’s new gender option for birth certificates

In this image: a Nova Scotia birth certificate.

Nova Scotians now have a new gender marker option for birth certificates.  As part of changes to the Vital Statistics Act, the provincial government is introducing the letter “X” as a gender option for all birth certificates in Nova Scotia. This change is in addition to the previous choice of “F” or “M.”   On top of this, the fee that was previously required to change the sex indicator…

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Métis Nation speaks out against Nova Scotian self-identifiers

Chief Sidney Peters and Clément Chartier.

More Nova Scotians are claiming Métis heritage and attempting to access Aboriginal and Treaty rights.   “This is a new phenomenon since the ’80s that people are emerging in Eastern Canada claiming to be Métis,” says Métis National Council President, Clément Chartier. “There are dozens of these cases in Eastern Canada where they have not been able to prove ancestry.” …

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Joachim Stroink building job security for students

According to Joachim Stroink, Liberal Party candidate for Halifax-Chebucto, the biggest issue facing students is job security. “We have an incredible province, and we need to ensure the success of students when they graduate so they can stay here,” he said. To entice students to stay in the province, he referred to Liberal programs such…

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John Wesley Chisholm talks student debt

John Wesley Chisholm answers his own phone. After a dozen cold calls answered by media managers, public relations people, and volunteers with a phone – it was surprising. It was so unexpected, that the first 30 seconds of the interview was establishing that it was in fact, Chisholm on the phone. John Wesley Chisholm answers…

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Island off PEI swallowed by sea shows Canada’s coastal struggle

Perched precariously on the Northeastern shore of mainland Prince Edward Island sits a small island shaped like a crab claw. For now. Lennox Island has undergone multiple unwanted facelifts courtesy of the infamous nor’easters known to seasoned Maritimers. This Canadian First Nations Reserve is facing the effects of climate change alarmingly fast. The region has been…

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Dalhousie student takes her seat in House of Commons

Sarah Dobson is a fourth-year political science student at Dalhousie, and is thinking of one day putting her name forward in a real election. Before that, she’ll take her seat as the delegate for Halifax-West in Equal Voice’s “Daughters of the Vote.” “Daughters of the Vote” is a non-partisan event which will bring 338 young…

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