Flu etiquette

In this image: A Dalhousie Student Health & Wellness Centre Flu Shot sign.

Flu etiquette is a general area most people could improve in. Having the flu, while it will generate sympathy, does not excuse you from accountability.

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In defence of young adult literature

While there’s no rule banning adults from reading it, young adult literature (YA lit) is a unique genre for teenagers — young people growing up and discovering the complexities of the world. The genre has often come under criticism for what some claim is poor writing quality and plot structures.

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Pandemic tattoo boom

Tattoos are something people seem to love or hate. Some see them as a beautiful way to express themselves and provide a unique canvas for art to be displayed. Others do not see the appeal of them at all. Whatever side you’re on, the work and talent involved in tattooing should be greatly appreciated.

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