Flu etiquette

In this image: A Dalhousie Student Health & Wellness Centre Flu Shot sign.

Flu etiquette is a general area most people could improve in. Having the flu, while it will generate sympathy, does not excuse you from accountability.

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Province’s fixed election dates controversial among students

On Oct. 13, Nova Scotia’s Progressive Conservative government introduced legislation to fix provincial election dates.   Elections Nova Scotia is welcoming this decision, as the province is the last jurisdiction in Canada to set fixed election dates. “We’re very pleased to see a fixed election cycle come to Nova Scotia,” said Elections Nova Scotia policy and…

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Dalhousie board of governors meeting summary

The Dalhousie University board of governors (BoG) met on Wednesday, Oct.19, via Microsoft Teams. According to the BoG’s bylaws, “all meetings of the Board normally shall be open to the public and no person shall be excluded therefrom except for improper conduct provided.” Thanks to this bylaw, the Dalhousie Gazette usually live-tweets the meetings.  This year, the Gazette was denied access to the meeting

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