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Confidence is the self-fulfilling emotion

In this image: The Kung Fu Panda title screen.

Growing up, many of the lessons we absorb through our childhoods, whether fiction or reality, can be applied to various instances of our lives.   I learned one such lesson, when I watched Kung Fu Panda as a child. The story goes with Po, a panda who serves noodles and dreams of becoming a kung fu master. He has no…

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Climate change’s existence should not be a debate

In this image: A rally with a sign saying "there is no planet B."

It’s 2019 and Canada is determined to keep its citizens trapped in their climate change comfort zones, slipping back into its well-worn shirt of denial just in time for this election. During a time that should be concerned with the state of our earth’s climate and what our country can do to combat it, one…

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A response to Doug Ford’s sex-ed plans

In this image: Two fingers touch the middle of a yellow flower.

As the film Mean Girls famously said: “Don’t have sex. Because you will get pregnant and die.”  Despite the obvious joke in this, Ontario’s Ford administration seems to have adopted this view in stride. Doug Ford’s provincial government has made drastic changes to the sex education curriculum adopted by the Ontario Liberal Party in 2015. That curriculum was an updated, progressive one that dealt with relevant…

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Why we still need feminism

In this image: A woman holds a sign at a rally that says "the future is feminist."

Feminism is the notion that women and men should have equal rights under the law and under society. It’s a dirty word, surrounded by stigma to the point where people will refuse the name strictly because of the connotation that follows it.   Some claim they do not consider themselves a feminist, they just believe in…

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Pursuing a PhD with ADHD

In this image: A person writes something with a pen on piece of paper.

In September 2018, I was returning to Dalhousie University as a mature student after having obtained a bachelor of science in psychology in 2006. I promised myself that this time around, Dal had to be worth the money and time.

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