Creativity, personality and community

Shauntay Grant is a Canadian author, poet, playwright and professor at Dalhousie University.   Her work is “mainly rooted in local stories and local histories,” Grant says in an email to the Dalhousie Gazette. All of her current and published projects are “inspired by local stories.”  This includes Africville, The City Speaks In Drums and Up Home, which are all set in communities around…

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The show must go on

Virtual Reality

The COVID-19 pandemic has halted in-person plays nationwide since last spring, but a local performance company called Heist recently collaborated with other Canadian theatre companies to showcase Frequencies: a play presented entirely in virtual reality.  “There is no footprint and the possibilities are endless,” says Sylvia Bell, the virtual reality operator and production manager for Frequencies. “There’s no ending in what we can do to make entertainment, to make art and…

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