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Preview – Actual Wizard

Join Vincenzo Ravina at the Bus Stop Theatre on Oct. 30 for a night of quirky magic

Halifax magician Vincenzo Ravina will be bringing ghosts, potions and absurdity to the Bus Stop Theatre on Monday, Oct. 30 as part of his show titled Actual Wizard. 

The University of King’s College alumnus describes the show as weird and unique, and says the show aims to be different from any other magic show audience members will see.

Ravina has been practicing magic since he was a kid, learning from magic books, often from the library. He jokes that books are the best way to learn magic. 

“Books are where they keep the main secrets because they know nobody’s going to read [them],” says Ravina. 

Ravina was inspired to start doing magic because of a magician named Dave Moon, who would perform at a downtown Halifax restaurant. 

“My family and I loved watching him perform magic, and being left in a state of mystery. That made me want to share that feeling with other people,” says Ravina. 

Almost every part of his upcoming show will involve the audience, and the decisions audience members make will affect the entire course of the evening. 

The audience, Ravina says, always keeps him on his toes, and each show is different because of this. He notes that he is always friendly to the audience: it’s not the kind of show that will humiliate or make fun of those in the crowd.  

You may have seen Ravina on CTV and Global News, or perhaps most notably on Penn & Teller: Fool Us. Ravina also performs regularly at the Halifax Fringe Festival, and this year was the recipient of the Audience Choice Award. 

Ravina does a mix of public and private shows each month, in a variety of venues. He enjoys performing in non-traditional performance spaces, like bookstores and art galleries, but appreciates the benefits, like lighting and production, of traditional venues as well.

Though every place he performs is different, they have one thing in common. 

“Ghosts are typically found in the venues I perform in,” says Ravina. 

The show on Oct. 30 will feature a lucky leaf used to bestow luck to the unlucky, a coincidence machine that may cause a coincidence to occur and a vase of sorrow that will fill with tears. Though remaining tight-lipped about much of the performance, Ravina can confirm one thing: this is not a magic show filled with clichés. 

“There will be no bunny rabbits, and nothing will appear from a hat. I promise you.”

The show is at 7:30 pm and tickets start at $25. Tickets can be purchased here, and readers can use code “dalgazette” for 20 per cent off. 


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