Dal proposes tuition hike for incoming international students

Dalhousie University has proposed to increase international tuition by almost 16 per cent in the 2023-2024 school year. 

Earlier this fall, Dalhousie University proposed a tuition increase and tuition guarantee for international students entering Dal studies next year. By proposing a tuition guarantee for incoming international students, their tuition will remain the same for each year they study at Dal.

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O-Week is a go

As COVID-19 restrictions lift in the province, both Dalhousie University and University of King’s College campuses are offering in-person Orientation Weeks, better known as O-Weeks. This, however, does not come without concern and precaution for student safety.

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DSU VPFO candidate Henry Amin 

The Dalhousie Gazette: What makes you the right person for the role of VPFO? I’m a third-year economics student. And in economics, we learn about monetary policy, price controls, supply…

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