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Putting your money where your mouth is

Wanting to go vegan has never been as easy as it is today, especially in cities like Halifax.  More vegan restaurants are opening and others are including vegan options in their menus. Grocery stores are carrying vegan alternatives, and health supplements are more readily available.   But at the cost of not eating Miss Piggy –…

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Communal art spaces “save people”

In this image: a piece of art created by Eric Diolola from Wonder'neath Art Society studio.

Whether it’s painting, writing music, or – if money’s tight – visual art with rice and soy sauce, Eric Diolola always meets his creative drive with creative action. He needs to.   “I grew up in a third world country, in the Philippines, so [art] is my passion because I can’t afford anything, to be honest,”…

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A humourous revelation of Indigenous issues

In Anishinaabe stories, Nanabozho is a trickster, a spirit who can transform into any form, any gender. Nanabozho collapses boundaries between male and female, humour and seriousness, disciplined and free.   The exhibit Nanabozho’s Sisters – which runs from Oct. 12-25 at the Dalhousie Art Gallery – aims to highlight the spirit of Nanabozho and unite…

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Drawing of house ignites search for artist

When fourth-year University of King’s College student, Simon Gillies, and his four other roommates were shown a picture of a drawing of their home, they decided they needed to find the artist and pay them for their work.   They hope that once the artist is found they can pay for and frame the picture.   Gillies…

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Indigenous art exhibit changing the narrative

The soundscape of Laakkuluk Williamson-Bathory’s film, Timiga, Nunalu Sikulu (My Body, The Land and The Ice), envelops the atmosphere of the Saint Mary’s University Art Gallery.   Topographical maps cover one wall, inviting gallery visitors to put on headphones and listen to Ursula Johnson and Meagan Musseau’s Ke’tapekiaq Ma’qimikew: The Land Sings, 2018. The open space…

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Healing scars of the tattooing community

With files from Rebecca Dingwell, News Editor. After nine years of tattooing in Nova Scotia, Gabe Squalor decided to fill a need in the community of Halifax by opening up an LGBTQ-friendly tattoo parlour, Outlaw Country Tattoo.  “Ever since I got into tattooing – ever since the very beginning – honestly it was very apparent…

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Places, Paths and Pauses: a Dalhousie Art Gallery exhibit

The land: how humans interact with it, what it means to us and what we mean to it. These are the themes of the current Dalhousie Art Gallery exhibit, “Marlene Creates: Places, Paths, and Pauses.” It’s a retrospective of Creates’ (pronounced creetes) work over the past 40 years. The exhibit represents roughly 20 per cent…

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Not your Nana’s cross stitch

“I’m using my dead grandmother’s floss,” says Jade Nauss. “Before she passed away, knowing I was doing cross-stitch, she sent me a tin of her embroidery thread.”   “She had a sense of humor, she would probably appreciate it. She liked southern comfort and she swore a lot.”   After class, Nauss sits at home with her…

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Expression of self through boudoir

Kaylin Dickie and business partner, Megan Andrus smiled knowingly at one another as they sat around the wooden dining room table of a Victorian Airbnb they had booked to use as a temporary boudoir photography studio.   I’d asked if they had a favourite boudoir shoot they could tell me about.  “Our girl,” they responded simultaneously. …

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