DSU ousts VPSL Mazen Brisha 

Mazen Brisha was removed from his position on DSU council Monday, March 14.    A motion proposed by the executive oversight committee passed with at least a two-thirds majority to remove…

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Dal proposes tuition hike for incoming international students

Dalhousie University has proposed to increase international tuition by almost 16 per cent in the 2023-2024 school year. 

Earlier this fall, Dalhousie University proposed a tuition increase and tuition guarantee for international students entering Dal studies next year. By proposing a tuition guarantee for incoming international students, their tuition will remain the same for each year they study at Dal.

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Chemistry students faint in lab, no cause given by university

Five students from a first-year Dalhousie University chemistry lab were taken to hospital Oct. 11, including two who fainted. The cause of the hospitalizations remains unknown. 

The lab, entitled “qualitative identification of cations” took place from 1 to 4 p.m on that date. It entailed testing unknown substances by exposing them to different solutions to determine the presence of specific cations. A cation is a specific type of ion studied in chemistry.

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Last residence in the dark

A week after Hurricane Fiona moved through Nova Scotia, there were still students living on the Dalhousie University campus without power.
In particular, students living in the Mini Res houses and Glengary Apartments were hit the worst by power outages.

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King’s TAs, PTAs not included in union strike deal

Members of Nova Scotia’s largest university union, the Canadian Union of Public Employees Local 3912 (CUPE 3912), will strike on Oct. 19 after negotiations fell through between Dalhousie University’s negotiators and the union. But some teaching assistants and part-time academics, mostly at the University of King’s College, will remain on the job.

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Students hit by Halifax Transit disruptions

Halifax Transit is bleeding workers and students at Dalhousie University are taking much of the brunt.
The city’s public transportation department has been cancelling trips with little warning, increasing the difficulty of commuting for a student body already forced to live further from campus because of the housing shortage and rising rent costs.

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