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Easier Days for Gym Staff as People Give up on New Year’s Resolutions

In this image: A foam roller, a water bottle and a pair of running shoes.

Staff members at gyms across Canada are breathing a sigh of relief as more and more people give up their resolutions to become better people and improve their lives.   “It’s finally that time of year when the daily stresses of life prevent people from fulfilling their exercise goals” says GoodLife staff member Daniel Bateman. “We aren’t used to the…

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Baby Ballers: the next gen of influencers

In this image: a stock image of a baby.

A new generation of influencers has taken over social media. “Baby influencers,” usually under 18 months, are young, fresh and social media savvy. From fashion posts, daily vlogs, to unique political commentary, little boys and girls as young as five months are developing online brands for themselves, attracting thousands of fans.   As follower count rises,…

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Pet costumes ain’t your business

A photo of Charliecat.

Halloween isn’t just about candy anymore.   For a university student, the occasion usually means debates over cultural appropriation, objectifying costumes and different forms of drunken adolescent debauchery.  Most of the general population, and heaven forbid, even the wokest among us have forgotten one of the most important and contentious issues surrounding Halloween: pet costumes.  Let me make…

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In defence of horse girls

Anyone who spends time on the internet has seen the memes.   “All horse girls are now either on drugs, whores or Taylor Swift stans,” quoth Twitter user @jonofyfe.   all horse girls are now either on drugs, whores, or Taylor swift stans — ً (@jonofyfe) September 7, 2018 Also from Twitter: “Horse girls were actually a pentagon experiment they were…

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Moving from residence to your own pad

Living off campus is a culture shock compared to living in residence, but vital to becoming a fully functional adult.   Making friends is hard, it’s even harder when everyone is new. First-year students are all trying to find where they fit in, and when people live off-campus for first year, it can be more difficult to seek out their place…

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Race relations

At some point, in every relationship I’ve fostered – whether platonic or romantic – I’ve had to have “the talk.” No silly, not that talk. This one usually begins with a quizzical look, a slight tilt of the head and a question I’ve grown to hate. “So, what are you?” No, no, I know you’re…

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Why I don’t work out and why it’s stopping you too

We’ve all done it. We’re tagged in a picture and realize that we may be fatter than we think. This requires immediate action. Tomorrow it starts: gym/running/whatever, life forever changes tomorrow. A month later we’re tagged in a picture and realize that we may be fatter than we think. This requires immediate action. The cycle…

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Cheap(er) eats

  The Coast released its Cheap Eats issue this past week. As a big fan of eating and a longtime impoverished student, I’m always keen to learn about new ways to stuff my face in public that don’t end with the phrase “okay guys, on the count of three…” The Coast’s feature thus had my…

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Year in “Review”: 2015

This is the last Gazette issue of 2015. It’s the perfect time to reflect back on some of the major news stories of the past year. Things have been a little … challenging here at Dalhousie in 2015, but there’s no better way to deal with painful memories than to shove them into the back…

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