When is the last time you finished a book?

In this image: a pile of open books.

Picking up a book is a hard thing to do during the semester. With all your labs, essays, and tests, where’s the time to simply read for fun?  The thing is, there is always time to read. It’s worth it to try and find it. Here are some tips to get you flipping through some pages this…

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Signs from the stars and planets

In this image: a headshot of Kyle Fraser in front of a presentation.

With files from Dylan Coutts. Astrology, its validity as a belief system and field of study has been debated for millennia. But despite modern science’s rebuttal of it, astrology continues to fascinate, and many still turn toward it for guidance.   As Oxford dictionary defines it, astrology is the study “of the movements and relative positions…

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Hollywood award shows: changing with the times?

Headshot of Daniel Kaluuya.

Hollywood awards season is in full swing. For the past few years, award shows have been highly criticized for their lack of gender and racial diversity. But this year, things are changing.  In last year’s Golden Globes best picture nominees, only one film (Get Out) starred a leading actor of colour. Many people were also…

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