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Undergraduate research

The role of undergraduate research has been debated recently, including in the Gazette. Presenting at conferences or writing for journals alongside one’s studies may prove draining, but presents many opportunities to students, particularly those considering graduate studies. Conducting and presenting original research at the undergraduate level offers many benefits. As was previously pointed out, these…

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I’ve been to grad school—twice

I’ve started a graduate degree in the sciences twice: first a masters in environmental science, and now a doctorate in geology. I’ve learned a few things about what grad school in the sciences entails, and what it typically does and does not provide. I can recommend an advanced degree in the sciences, but only if…

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More support for student parents

Dear Dr. Florizone, In my three and a half years of graduate study at Dalhousie I’ve found many things to love about the university, but one aspect of my experience here has proven particularly challenging. I have two small children, both of whom were born since commencing my studies at Dal. The balance between family…

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A temporary home

My undergraduate studies at Queen’s University included a number of late nights and parties that were probably inconsiderately loud. I lived in the moment, immersed in my studies and focused on making friends. To be honest, I didn’t give much thought to the community in which all this took place. My experience at university was…

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100 Days of Listening

If you missed it over the summer (as many students did) contribute your thoughts to the campaign. (photo by Bryn Karcha)

When I first heard about the 100 Days of Listening initiative through the Dal News bulletin, my initial reaction was intrigue. It’s a catchy title for the campaign launched by the university’s new president, Dr. Richard Florizone. Pitched as a bid to gather input from all members of the Dalhousie community, it strikes me as…

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The case for diaries

Diary accounts humanize history. (Amanda Rolfe photo)

It’s a rare moment of solitude in my apartment, the crisp winter sun streaming through the window above my desk and refracting through the steam rising from the coffee at my elbow. I’m indulging in one of my more meditative hobbies: filling the pages of my hand-written journal. It’s a practice I try to make…

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