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Posts by Rachel Collier

Safer Sex

There is nearly an infinite number of ways people can have sex; “From licking an armpit to having a five person penetrative orgy, sex isn’t limited,” says Kaleigh Trace, the education co-ordinator at Venus Envy, Halifax’s award winning sex shop. With so many ways to have sex, there is also an array of risks to…

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Halifax is home

We take our East Coast Lifestyle sweatshirts home over our school breaks, but will we vote in the Halifax municipal election this October? As an undergrad student, I’ll traipse around the city of Halifax for my fourth consecutive year. I’ll complain about the city buses if they’re late or inconsistent. I’ll enjoy a cup of…

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Downtown in a nutshell

The rumours are true: Halifax is home to more pubs per-capita than any other city in Canada. But where, oh where, does a fresh 19-23 year-old go to dance in this pub-hub? Have no fear. Here’s a basic guide to help you out before you amble downtown. Let’s start with the most notorious – the…

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Student Accomodation Policy broadens focus

Policy attempts to eliminate discrimination from education Dalhousie’s updated accessibility policy allows accessibility service staff to help students avoid conflicts between academic performance and any protected human right. The policy came into effect Sept. 1. “It’s our job to try to help students determine if there is an appropriate accommodation for their particular circumstance,” says…

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