New vaccine guidelines leave questions 

The vaccine requirements laid out in Dalhousie’s plan to return to in-person learning, which was released Jan. 14, are causing confusion and concern among the Dalhousie community.  A memo released in November said Dalhousie would be moving to a proof-of-full-vaccination requirement.   According to Janet Bryson, Dalhousie’s associate director of media relations, as we return to campus, all students,…

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What’s wrong with Promising Young Woman?

The first thing I did after watching the 2020 film Promising Young Woman was look up movie reviews.

Reading reviews is something I often do after watching movies. This time, though, my experience was a little different than usual. It was hard to stop shivering and focus my eyes on the screen. Many reviewers were not seeing the huge problems I saw with the film.

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