The confidence gap

In this image: "Confidence" written on a chalkboard.

There is a stigma around the idea of being confident. How often do you ask yourself, am I confident enough? And why do we think it’s such a bad thing?

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Dalhousie Cafeteria producing large amount of food waste

In this image: leftover Mezza container and wrapping on a table in the Dal Student Union Building.

Dalhousie University Food Services began to track plate waste at Howe Hall in October 2018, as a part of Canada’s Waste Reduction Week, an annual program that encourages people to lower consumption, change behaviour and learn about their impact on the planet.  On Friday of Waste Reduction Week, the focus was specifically on food waste…

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Drawing of house ignites search for artist

When fourth-year University of King’s College student, Simon Gillies, and his four other roommates were shown a picture of a drawing of their home, they decided they needed to find the artist and pay them for their work.   They hope that once the artist is found they can pay for and frame the picture.   Gillies…

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Zero-waste coffee shop and store coming to Halifax

Kate Pepler can fit the garbage she accumulates in one year in one small jar.   Items such as food stickers, clothing tags, straws and pill bottle wrappers are the few bits of waste that end up in the jar.   Pepler grew up on Toronto Island: a green oasis in Lake Ontario, within spitting distance of…

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Why do I have to feel sexy to go to the gym?

The gym is an environment of hard work, determination and athleticism. It’s also an environment of tight clothing, exposed bodies and sexualization. While men marvel at their figure in the mirror, women walk around in sports bras and masks of makeup. Both men and women are putting on a show. These factors create a demeaning…

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