Shin Dong-hyuk visits Dal

Dong-hyuk spent three days in Halifax. (Photo via the Foreign Policy Initiative)

Dalhousie students had the opportunity to imagine the unimaginable when North Korean defector Shin Dong-hyuk shared his story at Risley Hall on March 9 during his recent visit to Halifax. Shin is the only known person to have been born within a North Korean prison camp and to have successfully escaped. Since breaking out of…

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DASSS ist gut

DASSS Conference 2013 (Becky Richter photo)

  “Dream big and it could happen.” That’s how Katherine Strynatka described the experience of helping organize the fourth annual Dalhousie Arts & Social Sciences Society (DASSS) Conference 2013, which took place March 8 and 9. As the first fully student-funded and student-organized national undergraduate conference in Canada, the event played host to undergraduate scholars…

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“We're going to see a turnaround in how Wikipedia is viewed within academia” —David Purdy.

  Like most great online discoveries, it was boredom that led David Purdy to Wikipedia back in 2006. Six years later, of the 35 million registered Wikipedia users the world over, fewer than 50 have created more articles. Purdy has more than 4,500 individual articles and 130,000 edits to his name. Purdy was on an…

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“Hi, I’m Jian Ghomeshi, and you’re reading 1982”

David Bowie wishes he were Jian Ghomeshi

With years of entertaining audiences as a CBC radio host under his belt, Jian Ghomeshi has published his first book. Titled 1982, it’s a memoir of the year Ghomeshi turned 15 – growing up as a first-generation immigrant in a Toronto suburb, falling in love with an older woman and, more than anything, wanting to…

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Barefoot balance

McCulloch is adding new court shoes to his collection now that he's joined Dal volleyball. (Alice Hebb photo)

“I have more shoes than just about anyone.” It’s an odd thing to hear from someone so well known for walking around campus in his bare feet. Rob McCulloch has been hoofing it shoeless on (and off) Dalhousie for the past four years. He gestures to the bulging black sports bag lying beside him. “These…

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Dawgfather sets his sights on the DSU

    After an unsuccessful run for HRM council,  Dawgfather PHD is considering jumping back in the ring in this spring’s Dalhousie Student Union (DSU) elections. While he’s refused to discuss the subject with the press, his Twitter account has been abuzz with his plans to run for Dal Student Union president and take “perpetual”…

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