DSU creates bursary for students who have experienced sexualized violence

The Dalhousie Student Union Survivor Support Centre has created a bursary for students who have experienced sexualized or gender-based violence.
All members of the DSU — any Dalhousie University Student — are eligible to apply for the bursary. However, preference is given to students who have already accessed resources from the Survivor Support Centre or the university’s human rights and equity services, as well as members of marginalized groups.

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What we know about Dal meningitis outbreak

A student at Dalhousie University died during an outbreak of meningococcal disease type B at the university. A second was hospitalized.

No details about the students were shared out of respect for the families, said a Dec. 16 release from the university declaring the outbreak, other than they lived in Shirreff Hall. The release stated, “there is no known social/activity connection between the two cases other than living in the same residence.”

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Dal proposes tuition hike for incoming international students

Dalhousie University has proposed to increase international tuition by almost 16 per cent in the 2023-2024 school year. 

Earlier this fall, Dalhousie University proposed a tuition increase and tuition guarantee for international students entering Dal studies next year. By proposing a tuition guarantee for incoming international students, their tuition will remain the same for each year they study at Dal.

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Last residence in the dark

A week after Hurricane Fiona moved through Nova Scotia, there were still students living on the Dalhousie University campus without power.
In particular, students living in the Mini Res houses and Glengary Apartments were hit the worst by power outages.

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