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DSU vice-president (student life) candidate: Emilia Cordova

Emilia Cordova is the current vice-president (student life) for the Dalhousie Student Union. She is running for re-election. She is studying towards a degree in biology and chemistry.

Two students — Cordova and Hawraa Gholami — are running for the position. Gholami could not be reached for an interview.

The below snippets of the Gazette’s interview with Cordova are edited for clarity and grammar.

What makes you a good candidate for VP Student life?

I’ve been in this position for a year and I want to continue the job. I know my job inside and out. I can also proudly say that I’ve established cordial relationships with DSU staff and that’s really important to have.

This past year, I also headed one of the most successful orientation weeks at Dal. We had a really good turnout during that O-week. I also managed to establish a really good relationship with the DSU and that helped organize some of the most successful nights at The Grawood, such as Winterfest and our band nights. From these experiences, I’ve learned how to lobby for students and international students and also learned the time commitments that organizing these events take.

What are your goals if you get re-elected at VPSL? 

I have three main goals. My first goal is to organize a sanctioned homecoming event for next year. I’m in the process of drafting a proposal and I’m hoping to bring it before the administration if I get re-elected. I think Dal should take responsibility for HoCo and create a safe space to show school pride. Part of my HoCo plan will include peer and staff support for students, such as Dal security and medical response groups to make sure everyone is being safe.

My second goal is to increase band and themed nights at the Grawood. Having a regular program helps the reputation and supports the local bar and restaurant. The band nights have been very successful this year and we want to expand that into next year with more programming, like trivia nights.

My third goal is to increase accessibility accommodations for O-Week. I want to be able to create an environment with students where if someone can’t walk somewhere — because O-week activities often require a lot of walking — we can accommodate them. Like if they can’t walk with the group to Citadel Hill, we can have an O-week leader with them who can tell me to order them a cab, so they can still participate in events.

I also want to create an O-week bursary for students who can’t afford the tickets so that they’re still able to participate and have a good time.

What would you do differently if re-elected for VPSL?

I think the big thing that I’d do differently is: if we do weeks of programming, do it at the beginning of the semester, or even dedicate events for one or two days. We had events for international students this year, but since it was in the middle of the semester, it was hard and students were saying like, “I have midterms, I have to go.” 

I would also like to bring more programming down to Sexton Campus. I hold office hours once a week at Sexton and it’s amazing to hear from engineering students and what they want from the DSU. 

I would also change how we do outreach. Outreach is constantly changing and email is becoming obsolete. I think doing more with our Tiger Reels [on Instagram] is super productive and we reach a lot of people. It’s often me in the Dal Tiger suit.

What do you offer as a candidate for VPSL that your opponent isn’t?

I think I offer experience. Holding this position for a year means I know this job inside and out. I’ve also taken the time to build a good relationship with administrators.

I also want students to know that I’m not just putting out an idea, but also a plan for doing it.

Cover photo: Dalhousie Student Union


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