Closer than teammates

Whatever choices third year Dalhousie University swimmer Julia Sarty made to further her swimming career, her younger sister Isabel had to follow exactly the same way. The sisters are separated by two years and both started recreational swimming when they were six; when Julia decided to do more competitive swimming at age 11, Isabel wanted…

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Swimming against the tide

It’s been nearly nine months since the Dalhousie University Tigers swimming team wrapped up their 2019-2020 season at the U Sports Championships. They finished just before the COVID-19 pandemic hit. Swimmers felt the pandemic’s effects in the off-season though as pools nationwide closed.

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From shutdown to action

Aug. 17. This date marked the beginning of phase three in Dalhousie University’s reopening plan for its athletic facilities. The Dalplex’s pool, basketball court and volleyball court reopened. This is in addition to facilities like the fitness hall, which reopened on Aug. 4.

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A record year

In this image: Isabel Sarty right after winning the 100m freestyle.

The accomplishments are piling up for third-year swimmer Isabel Sarty. She joined the Dalhousie University Tigers women’s swimming team in 2017.

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Changing tides

In this image: Swimmers dive into the Dalplex pool during an invitational.

For 21 years, the Dalhousie University Tigers men’s swimming team has won every AUS championship. But their time is coming to an end.

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Dal athletes’ superstitions

Wayne Gretzky would put baby powder on his stick before games and Serena Williams wears the same pair of unwashed socks throughout a tournament.   Even university athletes have their own superstition. Here are a few examples.   Mieke DuMont  Women’s volleyball   DuMont is a fifth-year player on the women’s volleyball team. She was tied for the AUS…

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Women’s swim team focused on nationals

Female swimmers preparing to dive.

Dalhousie University’s women’s swim team continues to dominate. Winning every meet they’ve been in this season by significant margins, they’re poised to improve on last year’s ninth-place finish at nationals.  “Looking at a much more motivated and stronger training team this year, we’re going to be doing a lot better at U Sports,” says fourth-year…

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Nearing the end of the race

Dalhousie Tigers’ fifth year swimmer, Gavin Dyke is entering the final lap of his university athletics career. Dyke has had quite the impressive swimming career at Dal and he’s been crucial to the success of the men’s swimming program. Some of his personal accomplishments as a Tiger include breaking a 24-year old record in the 200-metre…

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