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Hitting rock bottom

In this image: James Wise climbs a bouldering wall at the Dalplex.

Correction: The first iteration of our Last on the Bench column contained multiple inaccuracies. As a small newspaper, we encourage our contributors to thoroughly fact-check their pieces and these should have been caught by the writers or editor(s) before print. Below are corrections as provided by Dalhousie Climbing Coordinator Heather Reynolds: There is no membership…

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Leading the way

This summer, Dalhousie volleyball player Courtney Baker proved that she is not only one of the best women’s volleyball players in Atlantic University Sport (AUS), but one of the best in the country. An AUS first-team all-star last season, Baker competed against 60 players from the NCAA, U SPORTS and professional players to make the…

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“It” draws you in just to freak you out

Classically, clowns are around to make you laugh – this is not the case in the film  It. The killer clown  Pennywise  is a shape shifter  whose personal  favourite  form is a tall, balding, sharpen toothed grinning clown.  His food preference: children. Surprisingly, this horrifying enigmatic creature is not the  centre  of the film. It  focuses on the…

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Homecoming madness: the aftermath

Reported with files complied from Matt Stickland, Opinions Editor, Kaila Jefferd- Moore, Editor-in-chief and Josh Young, Sports Editor   Black and gold swarms of students flooded the streets of Halifax’s south end as they took part in Homecoming shenanigans last weekend. Dalhousie University’s 2017 Homecoming weekend officially began Wednesday Oct. 11 at 7 a.m. Individual…

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It happens at Dal

Even though we live in one of the most progressive countries in the world, instances of discrimination and oppression still occur across Canada every single day. Dalhousie is no exception. The school has come a long way this decade when it comes to making students from marginalized communities feel welcome, but even the most progressive…

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Women’s soccer team win first game

The young Dalhousie women’s soccer team won their first game of the season, 2-0, at home against the University of New Brunswick Varsity Reds. With seven rookies on the team, the Tigers’ win was partly due to establishing a program where new players can be brought in, ready to contribute to the team’s success. “The…

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Men’s Tigers propel soccer selves to victory

The right recipe was found in the second half to lift the Tigers to a 2-0 win over the University of New Brunswick Varsity Reds in Dalhousie’s first game of the season. That is how Tiger’s Head Coach Pat Nearing described it. “I think we sort of took 45 minutes to get going,” said Nearing.…

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Lucky number 7?

Dynasty is an appropriate word to describe the Dalhousie men’s field lacrosse team the past few years. They have won six straight championships and have not lost a game since 2013. This year is going to be different. The past few seasons the team’s roster has been fairly consistent but this year they have more…

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