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DSU mum on details of staff restructuring

In this image: An easel stating The Grawood is closed.

This summer, the Dalhousie Student Union (DSU) received backlash after its “employment restructuring” lead to firings of full-time staff. The executive are now preparing to deliver on campaign promises for their one year term.  On May 28, the DSU announced a prospective membership with the Canadian Federation of Students (CFS). A few weeks later, they…

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The Dalhousie Student Union’s attendance problem

In this image: an empty meeting room on Dal campus.

If free pizza isn’t enough to lure students, then what is?  Near the end of last semester, on Nov. 7, the Dalhousie Student Union held its annual general meeting. The meeting failed to meet quorum – the minimum number of people required to pass new business.   At the meeting, executives discussed their plans for the year and vice-president…

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Students protest Peter MacKinnon

In this image: MacKinnon speaks while the student protesters silently hold their signs.

Peter MacKinnon hasn’t been on Dalhousie University campus for long, but controversy is already stirring. On Jan. 21, Dalhousie’s new interim president arrived at the Arts Centre, for his Studley campus welcome event. A group of silent protesters was waiting for him with a list of demands for the school, the first being MacKinnon’s immediate removal.   The protests…

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Making student healthcare more accessible

In this image: Medication.

The Dalhousie Student Union (DSU) Health and Dental Plan Office recently took steps to improve accessibility at Dalhousie University.  The office installed a mini fridge: a measure taken to better accommodate students whose prescription medications, like insulin, require refrigeration.   Until this change, those who require refrigerated medication had it delivered in a styrofoam cold pack, which is designed to…

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On Oct. 3 last year, Dalhousie University’s President, Richard Florizone tweeted “3. This kind of behaviour is not reflective of our values and disrespectful to our neighbours. Most importantly, it is unsafe.”   His third tweet in a series of five, detailing his reaction to #hoco17 partying.   This year Dal took a varied approach to how homecoming was organized and policed, in the hopes that Homecoming…

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