Clean-up on Killam graffiti begins

The staff of the Killam Memorial Library are taking action against the graffiti first reported by the Gazette last November. Over the holiday break, starting as early as Dec. 17, washrooms and 10 quiet study rooms in the library were re-painted, showing the school isn’t taking the issue lightly. But don’t expect the Killam to have…

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When the readings just don’t cut it

Ah, books. When the semester kicks off, it starts to feel like we’re drowning in them. Science textbooks, collections of Shakespeare’s plays, course packs—the reading lists never end. There is always so much reading to be done, it makes it difficult for bookworms to find time to cram in another Dickens classic. Book fans, don’t…

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Damage deposits: Know your rights

Check out the Access Nova Scotia website for info on tenant rights and responsibilities (Photo by Amanda Rolfe)

As we all know, a large percentage of Dal students are from outside the province. This means the majority of students here are renting places in the city while they work on getting their degrees, making it a landlord’s market. As a result, rent increases consistently and landlords don’t seem to have too much trouble…

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How to make friends (and how not to make friends)

  How to make friends: Borrow notes from someone in your class to get the conversation started. Strike up a conversation with your residence neighbour— you have some common ground, literally. Join an intramural sports team or a club (or write for the *Gazette*!) It’s a great way to find people with similar hobbies and…

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Mental health—where to go to get help

  The Student Union Building on Studley campus, located kitty-corner to the hot mess that is the Killam Library, houses many things which improve student life. Besides snacks and caffeine, you can find Dalhousie Counselling and Psychological Services, located on the fourth floor. University life can be tough enough without added stress crowding your brain.…

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Note-taking 101

1. The MacBook Pro People: These specimens always have their hands glued to their laptop. The most obsessive of them take verbatim notes, record the lecturer on their computer for later and look up background information on what the prof is talking about. While this all sounds flawless and perfect, the laptop user is also…

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Among Elsethings

Elsethings Arts Festival started a day early for Halifax this weekend at the Seahorse Tavern. Nick Everett & Everybody, whose new album Elsethings inspired the festival, were one of three bands to take the stage in a “pre-festival release.” Nick Everett & Everybody, along with The Belle Comedians and Special Costello, took to the stage on…

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Dal’s hidden food bank

For some, the food bank is essential. (Calum Agnew photo)

  Dan Malone’s hunger pains were unmanageable. They hurt so much at times he couldn’t get out of bed for class. Malone, a third-year student at the University of King’s College, didn’t know there was a food bank within walking distance on campus until this year. It is suggested we eat three meals a day.…

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Post-grad blues

Our generation is struggling to deal with failed post-grad expectations. (Bryn Karcha photo)

The fact that our economy sucks and unemployment rates are high has been done to death, but bear with me. I want to bring attention to an issue that doesn’t have anything to do with your future houses, jobs and cars or potential lack thereof. It’s this simple concept called happiness that our generation could…

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