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Posts by Samantha Elmsley

Letter: Restorative justice is not a solution

Opening my Toronto Metro newspaper on the subway yesterday morning, I was delighted to see an article on my alma mater Dalhousie nestled among its neat green pages. That delight lasted to the end of the headline. Once again, a Halifax university is making national news for violence against women. The rape chants, the Facebook…

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The Library Problem

The DSU should focus on library budget cuts next year. (Photo by Asrar Ul Haq)

I felt really uncomfortable when I read the proposed budget cuts to the library acquisitions budget for the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences (FASS). It was kind of like going on a date with Dalhousie and thinking it went really well, until you’re getting a latte at JustUS and spot them cozying up to…

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Active on campus

Should the DSU be focusing on homegrown advocacy? (Photo by Yi Nuo)

If you’ve been through the Student Union Building, you’ve heard the news: on Feb. 26, the Dalhousie Student Union (DSU) voted to pull their membership from the Canadian Alliance of Student Associations (CASA) and Students Nova Scotia (SNS). This decision will have huge ramifications for DSU activism in the coming years: by leaving CASA and…

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OPINION: E-ink vs. print

Print books offer an intensely physical interaction—useful when reading for school. (Photo by Deborah Oomen)

  I know what you’re thinking. You read the title of this article and thought, “Great. Here she goes again, that crazy opinions editor, ranting on about e-books and print.” And I acknowledge that you may have a right to groan. But I’ve dreamed up a new angle and I just had to share it…

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School on full speed: An issue of academic integrity

Four writers weigh in on the growing use of prescription drugs to study. (Photo by Adele van Wyk)

This week, I asked my writers to weigh in on the increasing abuse of so-called “study drugs” on university campuses. This catchy term refers to the non-prescribed use of drugs meant to treat ADD and ADHD (Attention Deficit (Hyperactivity) Disorder), such as Ritalin and Adderall, by students hoping to get an advantage in their studies.…

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Housing matters

This is the kind of housing I can get behind. (Photo by Amin Helal)

  When my dad was in college, he lived with a guy he called “Zeke baby” (what? I know) in an apartment covered with shag carpet on the floors AND WALLS. The kitchen walls, made of stucco and decorated with beer bottle caps, were the only exception to this. My mom thought it was gross,…

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Young professionals 

The academy is heating up as we hurdle into the second half of the 2013-14 academic year. This semester, Dalhousie will play host to two major undergraduate conferences: the annual Atlantic Undergraduate Conference, and the annual Dalhousie Arts and Social Sciences Society (DASSS) Undergraduate Conference—the only national undergrad gathering in Canada. On top of these…

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Walking in a winter wonderland

Another winter, another Canada-wide attempt to keep the snow at bay. In previous years, standard seasonal dumpings have reduced Halifax to a city-wide slip ‘n slide, making travel by foot a dangerous pass-time. This year, the HRM is trying out a new snow removal policy, lifting the burden of sidewalk-shoveling from residents’ shoulders and assuming…

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Readers, take note

Yes, it is only November 22. Admittedly, Christmas/the holiday season doesn’t technically start for at least a couple weeks. But we at the Gazette are holiday-positive! We celebrate the Christmas creep! We embrace it! Which is why you’re getting my holiday wish list WELL in advance of any actual holidays. You’re welcome. A funding grant…

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A joy to hold

Another day, another fabulous p-book (that’s publisher-speak for “printed book”) proving the continuing relevance of print medium releases on the Canadian literary market. Readers, this is one for the book(shelve)s. Over 100 years after its first publication in 1912, Stephen Leacock’s Sunshine Sketches of a Little Town should still be required reading for anyone growing up…

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