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Hotels in downtown Halifax fully booked for Dalhousie graduation

A phone call to the Advancement Office at the University of King’s college rang in a pressing issue for graduating students and their families.  Adriane Abbott, the director of the Advancement Office, was on the receiving end of the call from a concerned parent of a graduating student in late February. The parent, upon having difficulty booking a…

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There is still an Earl of Dalhousie

The Earl of Dalhousie’s Thursday, Feb. 1 probably looked slightly different from yours. On the Thursday in question Earl James Ramsay made his monthly trip to Buckingham Palace, where he works as Lord and Steward. “I do all sorts of bits and pieces for them on State occasions. But that’s quite fun, because whenever there’s…

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Schulich School of Law teaching new course Aboriginal and Indigenous Law in Context

On January 9, 2018, Reagan Seidler, a first-year student at Dalhousie’s Schulich School of Law, took to Twitter to announce the school’s recent suggestion for first-year law students to include land acknowledgments in their email signatures. Lindsay Loomer, Schulich’s Director of Communications and Marketing, did not classify it as a suggestion from the law school.…

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Somehow: The Story of Jody Shelley

When Jody Shelley sat down for a recruiting dinner with Dalhousie University, a member of the recruiting team told him he should play for Dal and get a degree because he would never make it to the National Hockey League. Three years later he made it to the NHL. “Ah right,” Shelley said as he…

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Tips to survive exam season 

Here’s the funny thing about me writing an article about how to prep for exams: I’ve haven’t got a clue.   Knowing this about myself, I’ve consulted many experts on the topic in preparation for round one with university exams, and I’d like to share some of the advice I received with you guys.   Location, location, location  The key to…

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