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Posts by Mina Atia

Open up

CORRECTION: This article was previously misattributed to a different writer. The Gazette regrets the error.  I like to think I’m a very open-minded individual when it comes to sex and sexuality. So I was disappointed in myself recently when I noticed my reaction to a friend’s admittance of having an open relationship with his boyfriend.…

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Recently after class I went into the washroom and accidentally walked in on a one-man show: A guy in one of the stalls was going at it, masturbating furiously, with what I assume to be his right hand. The experience—which involved a few subtle moans and the unpleasant sounds of fast hand movement—made my visit…

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Hot and cold

You and your partner don’t have the same degree of sexual desire. You want sex all the time, while he or she barely tolerates seeing you naked under the sheets once a month. They maybe even ask to get naked more frequently than you want to. In other words, you both have mismatched sex drives.…

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Out on the tiles

Psycho. Photo courtesy of Universal Pictures

Safety comes first when having sex in the shower A lot of people attempt shower sex to spice things up. And as sexy as it can be, people like where they were going with it, but don’t like where they end up and are left wondering why. Having sex in the shower is not that…

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Into it and not into him

How long? Photo by Michael Cestnik.

Accepting you want a bigger penis in your life   It’s rather a predicament when you are dating a guy and attracted to him only because of how big his penis is. As this column may seem a bit sexist with its tone, especially with such a title, I’d like to clarify that I’m merely…

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Arts buffs

On March 18, a collection of drawings and paintings of naked models will be sold at King’s College with the proceeds going to charity. It’s called the Naked Art Show, and it has been an ongoing project for several years. The project features a series of life-drawing sessions, where people from the community come to…

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