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Into it and not into him

Accepting you want a bigger penis in your life


How long? Photo by Michael Cestnick.
How long? Photo by Michael Cestnik.

It’s rather a predicament when you are dating a guy and attracted to him only because of how big his penis is. As this column may seem a bit sexist with its tone, especially with such a title, I’d like to clarify that I’m merely speaking from a popular perspective: the point of view of a girl who has sex with a guy just because he has a big dick.

She is attracted to his penis, not him. Her search for “The One” has been put on hold for the other “One” inside of her. She’s not having any kind of emotional attachment to him; she’s not making love. She’s just in it for the casual sex, and for the big dick.

I’m not talking about being “friends with benefits.” That’s just a concept affiliated with having someone to satisfy your needs. No, I’m talking about having sex with a guy strictly because of how big his penis is, and making the conscious decision to be with a guy for his extra inches.

For some reason society puts an emphasis on size: The bigger, the better. This emphasis plays a role in affecting our perception of what is good in bed and what is satisfying, regardless of the facts that prove otherwise. We know that the average vagina is 3-4 inches deep, so why do the extra inches on a penis really matter? The pleasure is mostly happening very close to the vaginal opening, where the clitoris and G-spot are located. Any longer than that and it will be missing the mark and just pushing on the cervix.

There isn’t a biological or social reason why having sex with a big cock feels better. The question doesn’t even have a right or wrong kind of answer. The real question is: Why should both have to be mutually exclusive?

Society tells you that it’s a “big” deal, while biology is asking “where are you gonna fit it all?” So you decide to make a choice and have the best of both worlds. Sex can be a grey area when an individual choice has been made to date someone solely for the size of his penis. But why should having sex with a guy only because of his big member be an issue?

You know you are with him because you chose to be. What society imposes on you or what biology allows you to experience are factors that no longer affect your choice. You want a big dick.


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