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This Movember, my vag

A purple disposable razor.

Pubic hair. It spouts out your butt crack. It pokes through your underwear. It sprinkles down your thighs. Maybe it does all of these things, maybe it does none.   Pubic hair doesn’t care; it grows wild and untamed.  This is the truth and there is nothing wrong with it. Pubic hair is a natural part of…

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10 porn moves that don’t work

Womens’ orgasms are not given the priority they deserve. Western, heterosexual sex culture is heavily biased toward the penis-possessing counterparts. This bias takes many forms. It’s visible in all forms of mass media. It’s also visible in societal attitudes, in the ways that sex is discussed in classrooms and in day-to-day life. Perhaps the most…

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Sexability: the online dating game

Hello Lovelies, I recently read an article in the Globe and Mail by Margaret Wente about the current state of the dating scene for straight women. She mentioned in the article that if you were a gender and women’s studies major that you probably were not going to like what she had to say. Granted, I…

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Sexability: Just say yes….really, it’s okay

It always strikes me as odd when I realize we always tell women it’s okay to say no to sex, but very rarely do we say it’s okay to say yes. Don’t get me wrong: anybody has the right say no anytime – I’m not debating that. In my view, consent is the most important thing…

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The sensation of sexting

People are linking their sexuality to their phones. That’s the future. We’re becoming more and more involved in technology in ways we couldn’t have imagined. Digital dirty talk is so accessible and instant that getting turned on via instant messages can be part of everyday sexual prowess. “Sexting is typically defined as the transmission of sexually explicit messages, images, or photos via…

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Sharing is caring

Valentine’s Day is to relationships like relationships are to couples. Not related. People both in and out of relationships participate in Valentine’s Day shenanigans; and people both participate in relationships that are exclusive to two partners and relationships that aren’t. Most polyamorous people say when they express their relationship to those unfamiliar with the dynamic, it’s usually answered with thoughts like threesomes, commitment issues, and unhappiness. Then followed up with…

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Sexability: My body and I

aHi y’all. I’m sorry for not writing an article last week, but my brain needed a break. But I’m back now and ready to talk to your sexy selves. Everyone has a different relationship with their body. Most of us have things we want to change about or bodies. Some of us may want smaller…

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Welcome to Sexability!

Hello Dalhousie, and welcome to the first official installment of a weekly column in which I  hope to shed some light on a topic I feel many people wonder about but we don’t discuss: sex and disability. Wait…who are you? Oh I’m sorry, I’m getting ahead of myself. Hi, I’m Vicky! I’m a Gender and…

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Let’s talk about sex and disability

When I was asked to write a piece for this issue I was thrilled, but also a little daunted. The topic of sexuality is so broad even if you “narrow it down” to sex and disability. Where the hell do I start? Then it hit me: it’s better to assume you don’t know anything. So…

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