Your pollution makes me sick

In this image: A handful of reusable mugs.

Amidst the global panic about COVID-19, our health should remain a priority but that doesn’t mean we should forget our continued environmental impact during the pandemic. What will this event look like for the planet? For our future?

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Being self-partnered

In this image: A woman laughs.

Being self-partnered is when an individual is in a good place on their own. Many people rely on their partner for love and confidence. This shouldn’t be.

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The confidence gap

In this image: "Confidence" written on a chalkboard.

There is a stigma around the idea of being confident. How often do you ask yourself, am I confident enough? And why do we think it’s such a bad thing?

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Flu etiquette

In this image: A Dalhousie Student Health & Wellness Centre Flu Shot sign.

Flu etiquette is a general area most people could improve in. Having the flu, while it will generate sympathy, does not excuse you from accountability.

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