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5 ways to embrace self love

How to treat yourself like a loved one

During the month of love, it is important to remember to love oneself as much as others. Self-love is essential for overall well-being and is not selfish. Giving yourself much-needed time and care you deserve allows you to have stronger relationships with others and gives you the opportunity to go on a self-discovery journey, reconnecting you with your true self.

Here are five ways to embrace self-love:

Be gentle on yourself.

Understand that you’re human, and it’s okay to make mistakes.

Treat yourself with kindness, acknowledge your mistakes and find ways to prevent them, just as you would advise a loved one to do. It’s important to celebrate your achievements, no matter how big or small, and give yourself the credit you deserve for the progress you have made. This encourages you to keep working for personal development.

Keep in mind that you are not making excuses for your mistakes; rather, you are recognizing them and acknowledging that you are worthy of understanding and forgiveness.

Do the things you love.

Making time for the things you love gives you the opportunity to prioritize yourself and your well-being,whether it’s making time to reconnect with an old friend or going for a walk. A favourite of mine is book clubs, which might sound boring to others, but the things you enjoy don’t have to be the same as your friends. 

Book clubs are a great way to explore new books and the impact they have on audiences. Everyone has different interests, and it’s important to embrace those differences. Doing what makes you happy gives you the opportunity to replenish your soul.

Surround yourself with people who you “vibe” with.

I love this quote: “You can’t change the people around you, but you can change the people around you.” -Unknown

Remember, you have the choice to surround yourself with individuals who bring out the best in you. Personally, connecting with a mentor was an interesting experience. 

You should connect with people who inspire and encourage you; they could be family, friends or, like in my case, mentors. Think about minimizing your exposure to unsuitable influences; instead, make use of this opportunity to enrich your experiences.


It can be difficult to step outside of your comfort zone, but doing so might reward you with an amazing experience. Go for a stroll through the park, read by the shore or visit a new café. 

These experiences can give you a sense of independence and allow you to think about your goals. It would also be an awakening of a never-before-known part of yourself—a moment of self-discovery. Your soul will thank you for having the freedom to do the things you truly enjoy. 

Who knows? Perhaps you’ll find a hidden talent.


A great way to express your emotions and feelings is by journaling. Journaling allows you to reflect on who you are and practice gratitude, which leads to a deeper understanding of who you are. Personally, I believe journaling is an inspiring experience. 

This is your safe space to jot down any emotions. Adding to that, it has been proven to enable self-reflection. It allows you to look at how far you’ve come and acknowledge the progress you have made throughout the years. Remember to celebrate your big and small wins.

In short, give yourself the love you need, and enjoy adventures alone and with others who bring out the best in you. Take care of yourself and practice gratitude because you know the kind of love you need.


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