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Escaping to the Swing Scene

A Love Letter

My dearest Drop-in swing dance social,

I know I only started coming recently, but I’ve found in you my favourite activity for lonely Saturday nights. 

You, the unsung hero of my weekends, the sanctuary where I find solace, rhythm and a sense of belonging outside the confines of the mundane. When all I do is work on my laptop, whether at home or on campus, you give me something to look forward to.

You see, my beloved Drop-in swing dance social, you are the beating heart of my social life. You’re the dance floor where the music sways and the feet follow suit, where the joy of movement and the thrill of connection intertwine. Whether I come with a friend, or by myself, there’s always somebody waiting to dance.

How can I express the profound impact you have on my soul? My moves aren’t swift yet, and I stumble around a lot. Yet, there is always a dancer there to guide me through, to hold my hand and show me how to twirl. One half-hour lesson was all I needed to learn the basics – and only $5, what a steal! I’ve made more friends in one night, than in an entire semester of college.

Oh, how I cherish these moments spent dancing away in the Studley Gym. You’re the haven where I shed the weight of the week, where I let loose and let the rhythm guide me. Jazz and blues songs I’ve never heard, which now frequent my Spotify library. You’re the gathering where strangers become friends and barriers of awkwardness fade away in the shared love of dance.

In your embrace, I find freedom, expression and a sense of belonging. It’s a safe space for anybody to join, and the atmosphere truly feels like the underground, vibrant dancing scenes from the Harlem Renaissance (but it’s right here, close to my home, on campus). You remind me that life is not just about the routine and the mundane but about the thrill of connection, away from the workplace, campus and my house. 

And how can others not bask in your warm embrace, dear swing dance social? I implore them to step onto your dance floor, to let go of inhibitions and let the music carry them away. For in your midst, they will find laughter, camaraderie and the simple joys of being alive. So, to anybody who wants to join, the Dal/King’s Swing Society will welcome you with open arms.

With eternal gratitude and affection,

Your devoted (but new) swing dancer,


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