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Food waste served across campus

In this image: A bin of leftover quinoa, mussel shells, napkins and other food waste.

Dalhousie University Food Services started tracking the amount of food waste created in meal hall as a part of Canada’s Waste Reduction Week. Dalhousie University Food Services started tracking the amount of food waste created in meal hall as a part of Canada’s Waste Reduction Week. Risley’s meal hall reminds students to only take the…

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Dalhousie Cafeteria producing large amount of food waste

In this image: leftover Mezza container and wrapping on a table in the Dal Student Union Building.

Dalhousie University Food Services began to track plate waste at Howe Hall in October 2018, as a part of Canada’s Waste Reduction Week, an annual program that encourages people to lower consumption, change behaviour and learn about their impact on the planet.  On Friday of Waste Reduction Week, the focus was specifically on food waste…

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Oxfam brings food insecurity awareness to Dal

The Dalhousie and King’s Oxfam Society held a hunger banquet on Nov. 22 in the Student Union Building. The society represented issues of global disparity of wealth and food inequality. “We really had no idea what to expect,” says Katie Clarke, the co-president of the society. “I think we really just wanted to get through…

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Battle of the nogs

In this image: a variety of egg nog brands.

Editor’s note: This piece was inspired by The Coast’s nog taste test from 2017.  It’s that time of year again – egg nog hit grocery store shelves around Thanksgiving and we must soak up all the noggy days we have left before the government takes it away again.  News editor Rebecca Dingwell, arts editor Jessica…

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Dal dentistry prof baked his way to finale night

In this image: Andrei Godoroja, Megan Stasiewich and Sachin Seth.

Dalhousie University dentistry professor Sachin Seth made it to the season two finale night of the Great Canadian Baking Show on Nov. 7 where Andrei Godoroja of Vancouver, B.C. claimed the top spot of the season.   Although Seth didn’t walk away with the champion title, he did walk away from the experience with a lot…

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Triple A vs. Jubilee Junction

Corner shops are the backbone of any good neighbourhood. They embody the beauty of the local.   Halifax prides itself on local excellence – Triple A Convenience and Pizzeria, and Jubilee Junction Convenience Store being perfect examples. The rival shops are located at the corners of Preston Street and Jubilee Road.  Convenience is their biggest product: the corners of…

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Eat your veggies!

The delicate balancing act between school and a healthy lifestyle can be hard for some students.   I know it has been for me. Making time to meal plan, shop and cook is stressful at times. The good news is, the Dalhousie Student Union market is offering solutions to ease some of that stress! With the DSU bringing fresh food to campus, students can…

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