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The best vegan and vegetarian places in Halifax, according to students

Making affordable vegan or vegetarian meals can be difficult when living on a student budget. Thankfully, there are a few places around Halifax with cheap vegan and vegetarian options that students can enjoy. 

On campus 

Emma Touchie, a student from Dalhousie University, says there are “good vegan options on the meal plan.” The Dal website lists a variety of meal plan options including if you live off campus. The meal plan is helpful for taking the guess work out of where to get food on the daily.  

Booster Juice and The Loaded Ladle are other options for vegan and vegetarian food and drink offered on campus. 

On its website, The Loaded Ladle says it “provides accessible, sustainable, locally-sourced free food on the Dalhousie University campus.” They are located on the main floor in the Student Union Building and serve daily free meals from Tuesday to Friday during the school year. You can also volunteer in their kitchen! 

Off campus  

Touchie says The Wooden Monkey and Heartwood have been places she has dined for vegetarian and vegan options.  

The Wooden Monkey has two locations – one in Halifax on Grafton Street and the other just a quick ferry ride to Alderney Landing in Dartmouth. One of the good features of this restaurant is its ability to accommodate a group of friends who are a mix of vegetarians and meat eaters. Vegetarians and vegans have an array of choices: salads, appetizers and hearty options for mains.  

In this image: The outside of Heartwood.
Heartwood has three locations in Halifax: Quinpool Road, Gottingen — pictured here — and a seasonal location on the Waterfront. Photo by Allana Dalrymple

Heartwood offers an abundance of options for drinks, food and desserts. Heartwood has three locations: Quinpool Road, Gottingen Street and a seasonal spot on the waterfront. Touchie recommends the Quinpool spot. She raves about the Thai burger she once shared with a friend.    

“The hamburger was the good part of the meal,” Touchie says.  

EnVie: A Vegan Kitchen, which is located on Charles Street in the north end, is another option for off campus vegan and vegetarian food. According to their website, their mission is “to inspire people to choose a healthier, sustainable and more compassionate lifestyle through plant-based eating by making information and education accessible, so that we can create a healthier community and planet.”  

In this image: The side of enVie: A Vegan Kitchen.
enVie: A Vegan Kitchen is a popular North End restaurant offering a plant-based menu. Photo by Allana Dalrymple

For some cheaper snacks, Dal graduate student Meghna Holla says she enjoys the cheese or raisin tea biscuits at Tim Hortons. She also likes getting a burger at McDonald’s, but with a twist. 

“Buy french fries and put [them] between the bun,” she says. Holla notes that more fast food franchises are capitalizing on the vegetarian and vegan market. These choices can be on the lower end of the price point, which is good for students who find themselves struggling with financial insecurity.  

Some other places to throw into the mix are Kitsune Food Co., Wild Leek Food and Juice Bar, Springhouse and Efes Turkish Cuisine, which are all good options for every budget and taste. 


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