Fun, inexpensive places to be active in Halifax

Halifax is full of places where students can be active. Here are four cost friendly locations: Citadel Hill Sidney Crosby regularly runs up this hill during the NHL off-season in order to build up his cardio and leg strength. If it’s good enough for him, then it’s good enough for anybody. During the winter, the…

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Love, the universal language?

In this image: Close-up of holding hands.

“So, what’s your relationship status?”   Three international students sit in The Dalhousie Gazette office, looking at each other sheepishly. They’re here to discuss their relationship experiences.   International students come from many languages, countries and backgrounds. But these are only the tip of the cultural iceberg. Differences may go deeper, to beliefs, attitudes and values.  Renayre is from the U.S. and in her second year…

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December debrief

In this image: skaters on the Emera Oval.

Lord Dalhousie panel holds public discussion  The Scholarly Panel to Examine Lord Dalhousie’s History on Slavery and Race has publicly shared its findings for the first time. On Dec. 10, the panel hosted a public engagement session to discuss its initial findings.   The Lord Dalhousie panel was commissioned by Dalhousie University President Richard Florizone and Senate Chair Kevin Hewitt back in 2016; since forming, Dal’s own Dr. Afua Cooper has been…

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Cannabis ad standards are hypocritical

A cannabis "Know the Facts" flyer.

Legalization is finally a reality. Despite this, it’s become apparent that alcohol is the golden child in the government’s eyes.   Ads portraying the glamour of liquor are plastered all over the city, flaunting the freedom of alcohol advertising with every glistening bottle of booze. The promise of a good time is insinuated in every ad,…

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Preparation begins for Halifax winter at non-profits

Francesca Landry, David Krasna, Mark Saldanha, Kaelen Watters, Ben Allingham and Steve Sequira.

Halifax non-profits are feeling the sting of the upcoming winter as they make special preparations to serve the city’s homeless population.   Greater Love, the non-profit, student society created by Mark Saldanha, offers food to the homeless on the streets of downtown Halifax. Their goal isn’t to alleviate homelessness, but to offer friendship to those who…

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Beginner’s guide from pot

A pile of cannabis.

For those who are well versed in being high, feel free to skip this article. For the dozen of you who waited until cannabis became legal before trying it, here are some helpful tips from a fellow newbie.    Munchies  Thanks to pop culture tropes, everyone is aware that the munchies are a thing; people who are stoners like to eat food. If movies are your only…

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Tour of Halifax prioritizes Black and Indigenous history

The Public Gardens gate.

A new tour of Halifax is addressing overlooked history and gaining traction around the city.  A collaboration between the NSPIRG and Our Rising, Project Reconstruct’s Political History Tour of Halifax is done from an African Nova Scotian and Indigenous perspective while also combining various other struggles, such as the labour struggle and the anti-war struggle.   The tour culminates in a discussion that takes place…

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Halifax haunts

The Maritime Museum of the Atlantic.

Like most old towns, Halifax has accumulated its share of ghost stories over the years.  Just ask Andrew Aulenback – local librarian and ghost enthusiast – who’s running two ghost tours this month in the spirit of Halloween.   His first ghost tour is taking place on Oct. 30 at the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic.  “The…

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Ecojustice for Halifax

James Gunvaldsen Klaassen, Sarah McDonald and Genevieve Rondeau.

Meet Ecojustice – Halifax’s newest legal advocates. Who do they advocate for? Planet Earth.   Funded solely by donors, Ecojustice is Canada’s largest environmental law charity. Environmental law is a branch of law that regulates activities with the potential to impact the environment. Whether that means fighting for endangered species protection or challenging harmful government decisions, environmental law covers it all.  Free…

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