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Fun, inexpensive places to be active in Halifax

Halifax is full of places where students can be active. Here are four cost friendly locations:

Citadel Hill

Sidney Crosby regularly runs up this hill during the NHL off-season in order to build up his cardio and leg strength. If it’s good enough for him, then it’s good enough for anybody. During the winter, the hill is a fantastic place to go sledding or some tame snowboarding.

Point Pleasant Park

Runners can avoid the pollution of city streets by going for a run at Point Pleasant Park. The park is sheltered by trees and has a beautiful view of the harbour. The park has a few trails that provide a variety of terrain and distances, which makes it a great place for runners to train. There are also a lot of dogs!

The Halifax Common

The Halifax Common is a wide-open park with a lot of things to do. In the summer, people can play baseball, cricket, soccer, or any sport that requires a wide-open field. It also has a great skate park. The common’s main attraction is the Emera Oval. In the summer, people can ride rollerblades, roller skates, bikes, and scooters around the wooden oval. During the winter, it is transformed into a skating rink. Use of the oval and borrowing its equipment like skates, rollerblades and bikes is free. The oval needs to be given government issued photo I.D in order to lend the equipment.


Dalplex is an excellent place to be active. Students can swim, rock climb, work out, take fitness classes and build up their cardio using the track or the Cardio Plus Centre. Students can also play sports like basketball, badminton, tennis, table tennis, and squash there as well. Everything mentioned is accessible with use of the Dal Card for full-time students. Part-time students and Co-op students have discounted rates.



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