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Fun, inexpensive places to be active in Halifax

Halifax is full of places where students can be active. Here are four cost friendly locations: Citadel Hill Sidney Crosby regularly runs up this hill during the NHL off-season in order to build up his cardio and leg strength. If it’s good enough for him, then it’s good enough for anybody. During the winter, the…

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Cheap tricks

  Very few students have the financial backing to live the high life in university. Some are fortunate enough to have a good job and plenty of parental support, but most of us generally have to stretch our budgets. Living cheaply, especially in Halifax’s South End, isn’t easy. Following this advice might help.   Avoid…

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The cheap guide to sports in Halifax

Have less than 20 bucks in your pocket but want to watch sports or get fit? Don’t worry, there are tons of places in Halifax—including Dalhousie—where $20 is all you need. From watching hockey to university sports, community events to working out, Halifax has an affordable option for you.   Hockey and university sports: There…

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Memory on a budget

By Luke Orrell, Opinions Contributor My best cheap night in recent memory consisted of making prank phone calls.  I don’t mean the house calls when you wait outside of someone’s door wearing a mask and start asking scary movie questions when they step outside. I mean the harmless and humour-filled calls that make the caller—and…

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Cheap dates

This noodle costs less than a penny. (Amanda Rolfe photo)

  Sometimes being a student is all about making the best of a nearly empty bank account. If your date knows you’re not sitting on piles of cash, but you still want to try and impress, don’t worry—a cheap date doesn’t have to be a bad one. Here are some wallet-friendly ideas that still have…

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How to road trip like a dirt bag

Got wheels? No money? No worries—will travel. (Adele van Wyk photo)

  It’s day 37 of lunches made of Walmart bread smeared with packets of mayonnaise, and mustard pinched from gas stations across the American Southwest. It’s been nearly three weeks since we’ve taken an actual shower and our backs ache from being crammed into the trunk of a hatchback night after night. My travelling partner…

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Clothes on the cheap

A tour through my closet would reveal some questionable taste in clothing, an addiction to muted tones and— best of all— a large collection of thrifted items. Some may call me cheap, but I am proud to say that most of my wardrobe is second hand. Being thrifty is not only good for the wallet.…

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Tiger Toning

“You’ve talked about all the components of fitness and how we should be including cardio, strength and stretching into every workout, but looking at the options around Halifax, this can get costly. What do you suggest for a starving student who wants to do it all on a shoe-string budget?” – Penny Push-Ups   You’re…

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The excuse list

By Colin Hebb, Health Columnist   Time—who has any these days? End of semester is approaching, every charity in existence is holding some sort of fundraising event, exams are just around the corner. And daylight savings time just made getting up that much harder. In the constant battle with time, we tend to cut out things…

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