Just do your thing

The mantra that should have been imparted to me on my first day of university — and on every first day of anything, ever — is “you do you.” It’s simple, yet incredibly effective when infused with confidence, sass and a little Macklemore/Beyoncé/insert fly music here. That being said, if you don’t want to have…

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That three-letter word: Year in review

Writing about sex often comes with its own set of challenges. Go ahead—try and find a fresh angle on something Cosmo’s already beaten to death (twice). How OK is it to use the word ‘fuck’? Is that anecdote TMI? Will this make my editors blush? Sex columns are hard, but that’s not a complaint. Throughout…

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That three-letter word: Hormonal haze

By the time she was 21, my grandmother had had three kids. Then, she didn’t have another one for another 11 years. What changed? She gained access to the Pill. For many people, hormonal birth control is something of a saviour. Whether it’s preventing unwanted pregnancies, assuaging acne and painful cramps or making erratic periods…

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That three-letter word: Wrapping it up

No matter how specific your needs, this sexy city has you covered. (Photo by Joelline Girouard)

I was 14 years old the first time I encountered a condom. (Yes, it was as awkward as you imagine.) Picture a classroom full of teenagers, paired up and stationed in front of wooden penises. Nope, no bananas for us—we got as close to the real deal as was possibly appropriate. Out of a shoebox filled with prophylactics,…

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That three-letter word: V-Day fun

My mother wasn’t impressed when I told her I’d landed myself a sex column. “Why sex?” she asked. “Why not something nice, like relationships?” We all know relationships aren’t always nice, but in honour of Valentine’s Day, I should say they have their shining moments—and a lot of those happen in the bedroom. Whether you’ve…

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That three-letter word: The Sex Show comes out to play

A multitude of hand-blown delights. (Photo by Donna Rae Miligan)

As some of you might know, last weekend the Everything to do With Sex Show did Halifax. Alongside some fun and informative talks, seriously sexy burlesque performers and dancers, the Show harbored a number of vendors hawking an impressive array of erotic accessories. These ranged from lingerie and latex to break-the-bank vibrators and Pyrex butt-plugs.…

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That three-letter word: Keeping it courteous

Don't come a-knockin'. (Photo by Joelline Girouard)

  If you’re not used to sharing a space with people you’re not related to, the transition can be difficult. I’ve never seen so many bottles in a shower, or so many mugs in a cabinet. But it’s fun. The roommate relationship is all about sharing. Coffee, alcohol, advice—sex noises—everything. It’s happened to everyone. You…

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That three-letter word: flying solo

Go ahead...touch yourself. (Photo by Bryn Karcha)

  Alright. I’ve been staring at a blank document for far too long now. It’s time to talk about an often maligned sexual subject: masturbation. This won’t be a how-to; most of you know what to do, and if you don’t, it’s your job to figure it out. This won’t be to tell you masturbation…

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That Three-Letter Word: Join the Movement

Among the many “positivity” movements to have sprung up lately, sex positivity is one of my favourites. For one, it goes hand in hand with body positivity: the happier a person is with their body, the more sex they’ll probably want to have. This can work the other way around, too—have lots of fulfilling sex,…

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