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Copyright act up in the air

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On Feb. 16 a parliamentary committee in Ottawa began hearings into Bill C-11, also called the Copyright Modernization Act. Dalhousie’s copyright officer Ian Colford says the bill, which was introduced by the Conservative government, would reduce the risk of the university being sued by copyright holders for infringement. “Bill C-11 will make things a lot…

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American beauty

If you’re a student who relies on public transportation to get where you’re going, chances are you’ve seen the ads for American Apparel at bus stops around campus. The ads are pretty standard for American Apparel: young women posing suggestively, wearing leggings and not much else. It’s a cliché to say that sex sells, and…

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Cursing in Cantonese

Want to know how to curse somebody’s mother in Cantonese? Thanks to the efforts of two Dalhousie alumni, there’s now a smartphone app that can teach you. It’s called Swearport. The app features over 1,400 swearwords from more than 50 different languages. Each swearword is accompanied by an English translation and an audio recording of…

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