Ben’s Ten: Scariest in Sports

Hi there! To new readers, fasten your proverbial (or literal) seatbelts. Get ready for an arbitrary list with arcane referential humour casually tossed in. For longtime fans of the column I apologize for the delay. Pretending to be a mature journalism student takes up a lot of my spare time. But fret not. I’m back…

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Hazing needs to stop now

Recent rugby scandal raises bigger questions about Dalhousie athletics Hazing should not be dismissed as mere jocularity, or a prank gone awry. It is bullying. Plain and simple. Whether it’s the major leagues or house leagues, sports do a lot of good in society. However, it is naïve to say that it doesn’t have blemishes.…

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Ben’s Ten: Unique Uniforms

And so it is that another year at the Dalhousie Gazette has drawn to a close. The ‘not-so-little column that could’ touched on everything from mascots and turkeys to home décor and the Olympics, with enough arcane trivia to melt Alex Trebek’s moustache. For those of you who were around when the Jeopardy host still had facial…

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Ben’s Ten: Talkin’ Trades

When Nomar Garciaparra was shipped out of Boston for Orlando Cabrera and Doug Mientkiewicz in 2004, 11-year-old me was introduced to the harsh reality of trades in pro sports. No matter how beloved, talented and awesome a player is, even someone like Nomar could be moved. This deal helped my Red Sox win their first…

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The Ticker (for the week ending Mar. 2)

Alex Dempsey (4) lunges for the dig in CIS championship play. (Photo by David Moll via Calgary [CIS])

Men’s volleyball – Some consolation at nationals for Dal It was a trying weekend for the AUS champs as the fourth-seeded Tigers encountered a familiar foe in the quarter-final: interlock rival and defending national champion Laval. The No. 5 Rouge et Or proved superior in the match, dispatching Dal in straight sets. The Tigers’ time at…

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The Ticker (for the week ending Feb. 23)

David Sharpe's performance provided a lone bright spot in an otherwise disappointing weekend. (Photo by Martin Bazyl via the University of Toronto)

Track and Field – Women take title, men settle for second For the first time since the 2001-02 season, the AUS track and field championship did not result in a clean sweep for the Tigers. Although the women’s team retained their title (which has been in their possession since 1990), the men were overtaken by St.…

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The Ticker (For the week ending Feb. 9)

Keisha Mills representing Dal. (Photo by Dustin Silvey)

Swim – Men’s and women’s AUS reign continues It has been a long time since a Tigers swim team didn’t return from the Atlantic University Sport (AUS) with a championship banner. Buoyed by the performances of swimmers of the meet David Sharpe and Alison Grant, as well as rookie of the meet Paige Robillard, the teams owned the podium…

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Ben’s Ten: Olympic overture

Do you enjoy all the fun and pageantry of fervent nationalism, but don’t have the time or energy to go to war? Boy, have we got something for you! It’s time for the Olympic Games once again, which means the countries of the world will come together in the name of friendly competition, allegations of…

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One day with the Tigers

Tessa Stammberger (10) confers with her Tigers teammates. (Photo by Kit Moran)

[nggallery id=”2″ template=”For things”] Morning Saturday morning is the beginning of a quick turnaround for the Dalhousie women’s basketball team. Fresh off a loss to the AUS-leading Saint Mary’s Huskies the night before, the Tigers need to regroup in anticipation of an evening matchup with Cape Breton at the Dalplex. Today, third-year forward Tessa Stammberger…

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The Ticker: Stadium trivia

Alright dear readers, it’s time for something completely different. This week’s issue of the Gazette is all about housing, so we here at the Sports section want to talk about the homes of sports: stadiums! This week’s Ticker will consist of trivia questions about some of the most unique, memorable and interesting ballparks, arenas, coliseums and…

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