Love in the algorithm age

Algorithms are now a part of our human experience, forecasting the outcomes of numerous activities from driving to takeout to social interaction. Now valued at US$4 billion, the online dating industry is one of many tech innovations aiming to make life easier by helping us navigate the dating landscape and find the one.

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Where did you get your braids done?

From braids, twist-outs and weaves to crochet extensions, haircare is an integral aspect of Black identity. Black women use these hairstyles not just to protect our natural hair, but as a marker of heritage. Despite past strides, getting Black hair done in Halifax today is still a complicated story.

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The dangers of digital dragnets

Law enforcement is adopting more tech-savvy ways to operate and catch potential suspects.

“Digital dragnets” are a new type of coordinated system police use for catching criminals. A dragnet is a policing term that refers to any techniques police might use to enclose an area and find a criminal (e.g., conducting traffic stops, doing DNA tests of people in a specific area).

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How to win at university

Being a university student is tough: the late nights, early mornings and endless assignments. Sometimes, we need an extra bit of support to guide us through the worst of it. Here are a few tips on how not to fail university.

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What do deep fakes mean for politics?

Deep fake tech is one of the most worrying consequences of rapid artificial intelligence (AI) advancement. In an interview with the Brookings Institution research group Nick Dufour, a research engineer at Google, proclaimed that deep fakes “have allowed people to claim that video evidence that would otherwise be very compelling is a fake.”

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Big oil and academia

In this image: A gas pump nozzle.

In Issue 12 of the Dalhousie Gazette, News editor Karla Renic reported that Dalhousie’s 2019 Treasury Investments Report showed over $27 million publicly traded (PT) equity holdings in mining, oil, and gas. Of that, $2,388,700 was invested into TransCanada Corporation — the owners of the Coastal GasLink pipeline. This is not a unique situation.

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