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Posts by Emma Skagen

Get your fill

As you adjust to your new digs here in Halifax, and as you feel your mind expanding with your introduction to post-secondary education, you might find yourself craving a little something extra to stimulate your creative side.   Halifax, despite its small size and quaint reputation, has a pretty lively arts and culture scene. It…

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Seeing the invisible

Liz Marshall: Canadian activist and filmmaker. (Press photo)

Award-winning Canadian filmmaker Liz Marshall spoke at a screening of her latest film, The Ghosts in Our Machine, last weekend in the McCain building. The World Society for the Protection of Animals’s (WSPA) Dalhousie branch organized the free event and facilitated an hour-long Q-and-A session with Marshall. Toronto-based Marshall has made 11 documentaries about various…

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HPX: Cousins

Cousins is a local energetic garage-pop duo consisting of Aaron Mangle and Leigh Dotey. They’ve been rocking Halifax with their powerful stage presence since 2009, as well as having toured throughout North America and Europe. In a short email correspondence with the band, they revealed a sense of humor and lighthearted attitude. They say the…

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To twerk or not to twerk

In case you haven’t noticed, a topic of great importance is emerging in the discourse and criticism that surround the arts. That would be the way in which artists, often those from privileged/white culture, habitually appropriate from other, less privileged (often minority) cultures. Criticism of this common phenomenon is definitely a good thing; it’s a…

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