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Posts by William Coney

Truro daycare on Dalhousie Ag campus closes

As fall approaches, most students are secure in knowing their classes, where they are living, and presumably how they are managing to pay for both. For the faculty and staff at Dal’s Truro Campus, a different kind of precariousness exists – where they will put their children during this coming school year. Earlier this summer,…

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Agriculture budget’s write-offs raise questions about Dal’s financial management

Nova Scotia would report in its provincial write-offs, under the Department of Agriculture “Uncollected tuition and fees from the Nova Scotia Agricultural College.“ But this line seems odd. Hasn’t the full assets of of the Agricultural College been transferred to Dalhousie with the 2011 merger? Why would the Department of Agriculture still be collecting this?…

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Understanding the barred BoG meeting

Yesterday, amidst the protests of the BAC Report and the tuition fee increases it recommended, the Dalhousie Board of Governors was brought to a standstill. The students, interrupting the meeting by shaking boxes of KD emblazoned with the bright #rejectthereset campaign stickers, and chanting, would not calm down. The Chair of the Board of Governors,…

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Dalhousie Faculty Association report poses budget discrepancies

The Dalhousie Faculty Association (DFA) recently released an update to their 2013 “Review of Dalhousie University Finances,” incorporating a new data release since their initial report. This report is an attempt from a perspective outside of the Dalhousie Administration to understand the nature of the budget and funding within the university.   Different from the…

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Senate meeting full of contention

The Feb. 22 meeting of the Dalhousie Senate saw many different threads of ongoing narratives intersect. The lion’s share of the meeting was taken up by discussion of a proposed reform of the Senate seats allocated to students, bringing this number from seven to 22 seats, allocated to various faculty and equity groups. While the…

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Prodigal Tree Son Committed to Boston

Surrounded by friends and family, this 72-year-old, 49-foot native white aspen of Lorne, Pictou County passed away earlier on Nov. 17. He would live most of his life in his native soil, contributing to the province as a primary producer. A mid-day ceremony was held in remembrance on Nov. 18 at the Halifax Grand Parade.…

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Going Gatsby

Directed by Hannah Harper and Ryan Wilcox of the Dalhousie Theatre Society, this F. Scott Fitzgerald classic of the ephemera of love and consumption was performed from November 19th through the 21st. This adaptation, written by Simon Levy, obviously lacks the intense descriptions of the original work, but still remained excellent in conveying the same…

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Fairness Isn’t Enough

As I write this, at Georgetown University in Washington DC, students are staging a sit-in in university president John DeGioia’s office. They demanded that the university rename Mulledy Hall, a building on their campus named after a former university president who sold 272 slaves to pay off the university debt in 1838. At Ithaca College…

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Pop-up lecture has legs

Throughout this semester, Dalhousie has hosted a number of “Pop-Up” lectures featuring different faculties, interesting research and other activities that have been going on. Dr. Daniel Boyd, of the School of Biomedical Engineering, shared his informal presentation “Using Glass Materials to Treat Disease: From Windshields to Cancer Treatments” on Friday, Nov. 13, to an audience…

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